Welcome to Hollywood!
Season 1, Episode 16
Date Played July 20, 2010
Location Hollywood, United States
Challenge Create your own short film and present it to Chris.
Winner(s) Heather
Eliminated Lindsay
Episode Guide
"Russia Can Be Murder"
"Hassle in the Castle"


800px-Heather Hair

Heather glaring at Lindsay on the plane.

Gwen, Courtney and LeShawna are enjoying the winners cabin, while the other contestants complain about commercial cabin. Heather swears Lindsay will go. Sadie knocks on the winners cabin's door and asks the three winners if she could have some good food, Courtney turned her away, but LeShawna gave Sadie some bread. Noah said in the confessional that he had a plan to get Lindsay and Tyler apart, by breaking them up. Chris calls everyone to the diner compartment, Chris asks where the contestants think they're going, Heather hopes it's a beauty salon, Chris announces it's Hollywood, Heather says that's the home for freaks and weirdos, which Gwen says "Welcome Home Heather". Noah sarcasically asks Chris if their heading to his girlfriend's house, Chris was angry at him and dropped only Noah out of the plane, Alejandro fell out when he looked down to see where Noah went. After landing, Chris tells them they have to make short films and present them to Chef and himself. At the end of the challenge, Heather won invincibility after her movie "Lindsiot" was well editted and had narration, which also made Lindsay cry. Tyler tried to comfort Lindsay, but Lindsay came back at Tyler calling him a "lier" and tells him that Noah told her the truth, about him wanting to break up with her. Tyler says it's not true since Noah said the same thing to her but didn't believe him. During the ceremony, Noah used his immunity idol to save himself, since he guessed everyone would be mad at him for breaking up Tyler and Lindsay. During the final two, it was Sadie and Lindsay, Chris gave the final barf bag to Sadie and gave Lindsay her parachute. Tyler told Lindsay that's why Noah did that to get one of them voted off, but Lindsay still didn't believe him, saying "It's over Tyler" and jumping out of the plane.


User Role
XoTulleMorXo Gwen/Chris McLean
xxPinkyPandaxx Courtney
Annelisious Heather
VickyTDI32 LeShawna
Dakotacoons Lindsay/Tyler
Darkdonpatch Noah
Reddude Sadie
Tdifan24 Alejandro
Lee44 Chef Hatchet


  • Lindsay and Tyler break up in this episode.
  • Noah shows an evil side in this episode, when he tells Lindsay and Tyler that they're breaking up with each other.
  • Lindsay votes off Heather, even though Heather had invincibility in this episode.
  • Dakotacoons couldn't make it so Reddude was Lindsay for the episode and VickyTDI32 was Tyler for the episode.



Castmate Voted Off
Gwen Noah
Courtney Noah
Heather Lindsay
LeShawna Lindsay
Lindsay Heather
Alejandro Lindsay
Noah Lindsay
Sadie Noah
Tyler Noah

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