Water You Waiting For?
Season 2, Episode 21
Date Played September 18, 2010
Challenge Compete in a water balloon fight, the one who is hit five times loses.
Winner(s) Sierra and Duncan
Eliminated Lindsay
Episode Guide
"The Good, The Bad, and Lindsay"
"Around The Park in Five Minutes"

Our final three contestants must play a water balloon game in order to advance to the finale. One contestant manages to eliminate the other two contestants and wins the challenge. One contestant is shot out of the Cannon of Shame, while the other two advance to the finals.


The episode begins with Duncan, Lindsay and Sierra, glaring at each other in suspicion. Duncan said in the confessional that he wasn't really surprised that Lindsay made it to the final three, since everyone likes her, he said that he needed to win the challenge and said he knew who he was taking to the final two if he won. Sierra was very excited to have made it to the final three and hoped to win the challenge to get to the final two. Lindsay said she was so happy she made it that far. Lindsay was angry by how Duncan was able to get so far, since he caused a heartbreak for Courtney. Chris came to tell the final three contestants their challenge - a water balloon fight. Duncan shot Lindsay right away after getting their guns, and Lindsay was angered by how wet she was. Chris told them they could only dodge three times and if they get hit three times, they lose. During the challenge, Sierra and Duncan ambushed Lindsay and making her lose the challenge. Chef took Lindsay to the mess hall and talked to her about how Duncan was so hateful. Sierra was later walking around the park looking for Duncan, and found him in the house of mirrors, they both shot each other only once. Later on, Duncan and Sierra run into each other again and shoot each other, Sierra dodges it, while Duncan gets hit, and losing the challenge. Chris announced that Sierra won the challenge and gets to go to the final two, and told her to pick someone to take with her. Sierra couldn't say it aloud, so she whispered it to Chris. At the elimination ceremony, Chris announced that Duncan advances to the final two with Sierra and Lindsay must take the Cannon of Shame. Lindsay wished Sierra good luck and cursed Duncan, which made him angry.


User Role
XoTulleMorXo Chris McLean
WarriorOFTheLiGhT Duncan
Sunnyweather Sierra
Dakotacoons Lindsay
Lee44 Chef Hatchet


  • Dakotacoons couldn't make it for the first few minutes, so XxPinkyPandaxx played Lindsay.


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