Total Mystery Incorporated
Season 2, Episode 19
Date Played September 6, 2010
Challenge Try to find Chris and Chef throughout the amusement park using clues left behind by Chris.
Reward(s) Lobster dinner with a friend of choice
Winner(s) Beth
Episode Guide
"Lions, Tigers, and Money!"

Our final four must locate Chris and Chef to win invincibility and to move forward to the final three. One contestant manages to find Chris, while another contestants finds Chef, leading in a tie-breaker trivia challenge. One contestant answers the question right and wins the challenge. Chris fooled everyone into thinking it was an elimination challenge when it was just a reward challenge.


The episode begins with the final four contestants sitting outside. Duncan and Sierra are discussing on someone to eliminate, while Lindsay and Beth are also doing the same thing. Duncan says it's nice that Ezekiel's gone, since theres no more crying about Petey or other things Ezekiel sucks at. Lindsay is whispering to Beth about strategy. Sierra is still looking over pictures of Cody, but is also listening to Duncan talk about strategy. A letter comes flying out of nowhere and hits Lindsay in the face, Sierra asks her if it's a letter from Cody and Duncan asks Lindsay if it's her plastic surgery bill, which angered Lindsay. Beth asked Lindsay to open it. The letter was actually from Chris, explaining that the challenge was to find Chef and himself to win invincibility. After reading the letter, the final four contestants take off in search for Chris and Chef. Duncan looked around the merry-go-round, Lindsay went to look in the kitchen, since she said that Chef is always in the confessional. Sierra was searching in various places very quickly; the showers, girl's dressing room and the boy's dressing room and Beth was searching at the log ride, where instead she finds Petey, she tells him that Ezekiel was eliminated, since Petey seemed like he was looking for him. Petey slithers off and Beth follows him to the rollercoaster, where she finds Chef, putting her in the lead in the challenge. Lindsay, Duncan and Sierra show up and take off shortly after to find Chris. Petey glares at Duncan as he runs off and hisses at him. Sierra searches the haunted mansion, where she finds Chris, and since Beth and Sierra both Chris and Chef respectively, they would have to compete in a tie-breaker by answering a question. Chef asked the question and Beth was the first person to answer the question correctly. During the ceremony, Duncan and Lindsay were the final two, but Chris shocks everyone by giving both Duncan and Lindsay cotton candies, and explaining that it was only a reward challenge, and told Beth that she had won a lobster dinner and got to chose a friend to take with her. Beth chose to take Lindsay, leaving Duncan and Sierra a bit upset over her choice.


User Role
XoTulleMorXo Chris McLean
WarriorOFTheLiGhT Duncan
Sunnyweather Sierra
Dakotacoons Lindsay
Tdagirl563 Beth
Lee44 Chef Hatchet



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