Total Drama's Got Talent
Season 2, Episode 16
Date Played August 29, 2010
Challenge Talent Contest
Winner(s) Lindsay
Eliminated Harold
Episode Guide
"Can You Dig It?"
"Take This Ball and Shove It"

Our final seven must compete in a talent contest to determine a winner for the challenge. Two contestants try to form a strong alliance to vote out the other. One contestant manages to win the challenge and one contestant takes the Cannon of Shame.


The episode starts with Ezekiel still upset over losing Petey, Izzy comforting him, saying that she's sure Petey is safe and sound. Harold was talking about getting Duncan voted off for him getting LeShawna voted off, even though Chris was the one who eliminated LeShawna. Duncan was in a happier mood, since Courtney was gone, as he said in the confessional. Chris walks in and asks the contestants to follow him to a studio, where he explains the challenge - Talent Contest. Lindsay was elated by the idea of what she could do and went to call her friends back home. Izzy was first up and did her talent, which was a dance she called "The Dance of the King Cobra", Beth was unsettled over it and said she was scared by her performance. Ezekiel was next and was insulted by Duncan who said "NEXT!", when he got up onstage, Ezekiel ignored him and spoke of a poem written for Petey. Harold's performance was "Num-yo" tricks, but he was distracted by Duncan, who called Harold by his middle name "Doris", which Harold can't stand. Beth was next and did her fire baton twirling, which she managed to pull off without burning down the studio. Duncan's talent was carving Gwen's head into a piece of wood. Sierra did a list of things great about Cody, which didn't score her any points at all. Lindsay was last and did a cheer routine with her friends back home, which caught Chris' eye with Lindsay's performance and he declared her the winner of the challenge. During the ceremony, Harold and Ezekiel were the final two, and Ezekiel received the final cotton candy, Lindsay wanted to know why, since there were four votes against Ezekiel, Duncan's, Beth's, Harold's, and her own vote, but Chris showed a video of Duncan voting for Harold instead of Ezekiel, Duncan told Lindsay he didn't say he would vote off Ezekiel, since he told her he was going to vote off Harold.


User Role
XoTulleMorXo Chris McLean
WarriorOFTheLiGhT Duncan
Maya839 Izzy
Sunnyweather Sierra
Dakotacoons Lindsay
Sunsummer7 Harold
Reddude Ezekiel
Tdagirl563 Beth
Lee44 Chef Hatchet


  • Lindsay makes a reference to Lady Gaga in this episode.
  • Duncan seems to express his feelings to girls by carving their heads in wood, as seen when he carved Gwen's head in a piece of wood.



Castmate Voted Off
Lindsay Ezekiel
Beth Ezekiel
Duncan Harold
Izzy Harold
Sierra Harold
Ezekiel Harold
Harold Ezekiel

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