The Good, The Bad, and Lindsay
Season 2, Episode 20
Date Played September 11, 2010
Challenge Locate a key somewhere in the park to a giant skill crane and disable it before it captures you.
Winner(s) Duncan
Eliminated Beth
Episode Guide
"Total Mystery Incorporated"
"Water You Waiting For?"

Our final four must locate a key to disable a giant skill crane that comes down and captures them one at a time. One contestant manages to find the key, but has trouble getting to the control box as someone tries to steal it from them, but loses the challenge, while another wins. A tie in the votes against two contestants lead to a tie-breaker challenge and one contestant loses.


The episode begins with the final four contestants in the mess hall eating Chef's food. Lindsay said it was so delicious, Beth asked Lindsay if she was feeling okay, since Chef's food is always terrible, Lindsay said she was just saying that hoping it would get better later on. Duncan is trimming his finger nails with his knife, Lindsy kindly offers him a nail file, but Duncan simply gives her a smirk and asks her if he put acid on it. Lindsay gets offended by his question, and takes back her file. Lindsay was excited to be in the final four as she said in the confessional. Sierra agreed with Lindsay about the food being good, even though Sierra didn't know Lindsay actually thought the food was terrible. Afterwards, a huge crane comes in and grabs the contestants and takes them outside. Beth screams at this, thinking they're being attacked, Duncan tells her it's only Chris. The crane was shown to the contestants for the next challenge. Chris explains to them that they must find a key in the park and use it to disable the crane, if they do they win, but they crane can grab them before they can look any further. After awhile searching, Beth goes to the rollercoaster, where Lindsay runs from behind her and warns her about the crane coming, Beth is captured before she could do anything. Lindsay goes running to the confessional and Duncan gets an idea and locks her in the confessional, and gets captured by the crane. Duncan goes into the funhouse and finds the key, after leaving the funhouse, Sierra finds him and the key and tries to get them, but Sierra herself gets captured by the crane, and Duncan wins the challenge. During the ceremony, Beth and Sierra are the final two, and Chris tells them that they will both have to compete in a tie-breaker, since they're a tie in votes. Sierra manages to win the tie-breaker challenge, and Beth must take the Cannon of Shame. Upset, Lindsay goes to hug Beth, and Beth wishes Lindsay the best of luck in the final three and takes the Cannon of Shame.


User Role
XoTulleMorXo Chris McLean
WarriorOFTheLiGhT Duncan
Sunnyweather Sierra
Dakotacoons Lindsay
Tdagirl563 Beth
Lee44 Chef Hatchet




Castmate Voted Off
Duncan Beth
Lindsay Sierra
Sierra Beth
Beth Sierra

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