The Aftermath: 2
Season 1, Episode 18
Date Played July 22, 2010
Location Ontario, Canada
Episode Guide
"Hassle in the Castle"
"Million Dollar Cook-off"


Bridgette and Geoff open the episode with introducing the eliminated contestants and the old eliminated contestants. Katie is waving at the audience. Izzy is interviewed first, asking if she was upset when she was voted off, Izzy said she wasen't at all. Next was Duncan, who thought differently about elimination, he was furious since Heather and Alejandro got everyone to vote him off. Eva was still furious over her elimination, and said she found out that Heather backstabbed her and said she would get her back for that. Lindsay was next and she said she was really upset about being voted off, especially her break up with Tyler. Lindsay says she found out that Noah was really lying to her and she felt so bad she broke up with Tyler now, so she wrote him a love letter. Noah was getting impatient with Lindsay and asked for his interview, Geoff asked why Noah lied about the two wanting to break up, Noah said it was just strategy. Chef then comes out and tells Noah he should have won since he had a secret alliance with him, giving him idols and clues to challenges. Noah then ran off the set and got in a CIA jet and said "Total Drama, it isen't over yet!" before taking off. Cody said he was still trying to sue Chris for the whole vote thing, Harold was still fighting with Ezekiel about LeShawna. DJ says he wish he could have made it. Geoff and Bridgette end the show and tell the audience to stay tuned.


User Role
Annelisious Bridgette
WarriorOFTheLiGhT Duncan/Geoff
Sunnyweather Sierra
Maya839 Izzy
Dakotacoons Lindsay
TT66 Cody
Zannabanna DJ/Ezekiel
Darkdonpatch Noah/Katie
Tdagirl563 Eva
Sunsummer7 Harold
Lee44 Chef Hatchet


  • Chef makes a special appearance in this episode.
  • Lindsay reveals she learned the truth about her break up with Tyler and sent him a love letter asking to get back together.


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