Team Tornado
Number of Members 7
Highest Ranking Member Blaineley, 3rd Place
Lowest Ranking Member Justin, 18th Place
Team Selected By Chris McLean

Team Tornado is one of the three teams in Total Drama High School. Tean Tornado consists of Lindsay, Beth, Izzy, Sierra, Harold, and Justin. Blaineley was added to the team in Theatre, Drama, and Reporters.

Contestants EliminatedEdit

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Rank voted off show Episode voted off Reason voted off
Justin Male 1st 2nd Chris Blinded Us With Science Justin got into a fight with Sierra and Izzy about his looks, and they were fed up with his attitude and he was eliminated.
Harold Male 2nd 3rd All The Right Wrongs Harold got on his teams nerves, when he constantly begged them to pick him for the challenge, and when they didn't he got angry at them and told them they would have won if they picked him.
Beth Female 3rd 5th The Amazing Race Around The School Beth's go-cart crashed into a tree, and she was taken out of the challenge, so she was voted off by Sierra and Izzy.
Lindsay Female 4th 7th Don't Track On Me Blaineley convinced the team to vote off Lindsay, due to being too friendly and a threat.
Izzy Female 5th 8th Code Failure Izzy stayed behind in the challenge to fight off zombies, which costed her team the win.
Sierra Female 6th 9th The Eleven Mathketeers Sierra lost in the tie-breaker with Blaineley, and was eliminated.
Blaineley Female 7th 17th Extreme Exams Blaineley was the last contestants to arrive at the bus, therefore, she was eliminated.


Original MembersEdit

Additional MembersEdit


  • Justin was the first male voted off the team.
  • Beth was the first female voted off the team and the season.
  • Blaineley is the only member to move on in the merge.

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