Screaming Travelers
Killer Clowns
Screaming Performers
Team Tornado
Sierra Image
Gender Female
Hair color Purple
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated TDWW: Robbery in Paris
TDAP: Around The Park in Five Minutes
TDHS: The Eleven Mathketeers
Place TDWW: 14th
TDAP: 2nd
TDHS: 11th
Relationship Cody (one sided on her side)
Family Father, Mother (unknown names)
Friends Cody (one-sided on her side), Izzy, Lindsay, Geoff, Bridgette, Gwen, Courtney (one-sided on Sierra's)
Enemies Alejandro, Duncan, Petey
Fear Being away from Cody
Talent Weaving
Nicknames Silly beans (called by Izzy)
Played by Sunnyweather

Sierra (The Crazy Stalker) was a contestant on Total Drama World Wide. She was placed on the Screaming Travelers, and was voted off in Robbery in Paris. Sierra moved on to Total Drama Amusement Park. Sierra was placed on the Killer Clowns, but since she missed Cody so much Izzy switched places with her. Sierra is now on the Screaming Performers, but the teams were merged in Lazer Losers! Sierra was the runner-up and moved on to Total Drama High School. Sierra was placed on Team Tornado.


Season OneEdit

In The Big Apple - Part 1, Sierra stalked Cody throughout the entire episode, and saved him from falling. Her team won, after Courtney took the stairs.

In The Big Apple - Part 2, Sierra had no lines, but Cody was trying to get away from her. Sierra's team won, after the Killer Adventurers were missing someone.

In Boating in Italy, Sierra and her team were relaxing in the winners compartment, Sierra was watching Cody sleep, which Heather called her a freak. Sierra fought hard during the challenge, but her team lost. She voted off Geoff.

In Yukon Do Better Than That!, Sierra spent most of the episode trying to ask out Cody, but he kept running away from her. Her team won after Courtney entered the plane.

In G'Day Australia, Sierra was rubbing Cody's feet in the winners compartment and paralyzed him after he woke up and tried to make her stop. Sierra and her team lost the challenge, after Lindsay gave the red gem to Chris.

In El Bullio, Sierra was the first to fall off the Screaming Travelers' bull. She cheered on her team afterwards. She and her team won the challenge, after Heather knocked Eva off.

In Deep Blue Sea, Sierra hardly had any lines and she didn't find any keys. Her team lost and she voted off Geoff.

In German Grumps, Sierra and her team won the challenge, because Katie gave the flag to Heather.

In Amazon Drama, Sierra and her team were captured by natives, she tried to eat the rope but she threw up. Cody got them out and she hugged him. She and her team won the challenge, since the Killer Adventurers were missing a few members.

In Robbery in Paris, Sierra asked how Cody was and he ran away from her, making her a little angry. She kept following Cody around. She and her team lost the challenge, and Sierra was voted off for not helping the team.

In The Aftermath: 1, Sierra was sitting next to Cody, but he was trying to get away from her. When asked if she was upset about being voted off, Sierra said she was soooo upset, because she couldn't be with Cody anymore. Geoff asked her what her favorite place was during the competition, Sierra said everywhere since she was with Cody.

In The Aftermath: 2, Sierra was sitting next to Cody, again. Sierra didn't talk much, but she was mostly talking to Cody and helped him down after he got a wedgie, curtesy of Katie. Sierra was also rubbing Cody's feet, much to his dislike.

In The Aftermath: 3, Sierra was sitting next to Cody, just like the last episode. Sierra offered to give Cody a foot massage, which Cody responded in no very loudly. Sierra said she was rooting for both Gwen and Tyler to win.

In The Final Season...Maybe, Sierra didn't say much, but cheered for Gwen when she won, also Sierra had voted for her to win. Sierra was excited that she made it to Season Two, as she could be closer to Cody again.

Season TwoEdit


Sierra in the confessional in Total Drama Amusement Park.

In 18 Flags, Sierra was super excited about being in Season Two and hyperventilated and fell asleep, which Chris woke her up by blowing an airhorn in her ear. Sierra didn't talk much after that. Sierra did say in the confessional that she was happy about being with Cody again. Sierra started crying when she was placed on the Killer Clowns while Cody was on the other team.

In Duncan Tank, Sierra spent part of the episode crying. After seeing how sad she was, Izzy suggested switching teams, which Sierra happily said yes to, afterwards Sierra hugged Cody very tightly. Sierra cheered for her team when they won. Sierra said in the confessional that she hopes that she and Cody will soon start a relationship.

In I Keep On Loggin' You, Sierra was staring at a picture of Cody in the girls dressing room. Sierra spent most of her time during breakfest talking to Cody, asking him if he knew that she knew his shoe size. Sierra and her team won another challenge. Sierra said in the confessional that she could spend more days with Cody.

In Ringy Dinks, Sierra didn't speak much during the episode. Sierra scored a 7 during the challenge and her team lost the challenge. Sierra was shocked that Cody was in the final two with Heather and hoped Cody wasen't gone, until Sadie came in and asked if she could quit.

In Shark Attack, Sierra was watching Izzy talking to her pet snake, while writing her blog about Cody. Sierra said in the confessional that Cody is the best ever, and hopes to marry him. During the challenge, Sierra knocked alot of people off the board and helped win the challenge for the Screaming Preformers along with Gwen, Heather and LeShawna, Heather was able to get Sierra in her alliance again.

In Who Wants to be a Heatheraire?, Sierra was in the girls dressing room, thinking about Cody, as she said to the girls and in the confessional. During the challenge, Sierra couldn't buzz in as quick as the others, but her team won the challenge.

In Hall of Courtneys, Sierra didn't talk much in the episode. Sierra and her team lost the challenge, Sierra voted off Heather since she wanted to vote off Cody, Cody was voted off and Sierra started crying.

In Drama In The Air, Sierra was in the girls dressing room, crying her eyes out over Cody's elimination. During the challenge, Sierra sat out for the challenge and her team won the challenge, Sierra cheered up after awhile and she said in the confessional that Cody's not gone forever, he's only at the aftermath and decided to cheer up and focus on the game.

In Lazer Losers!, Sierra was watching a slideshow of Cody in the mess hall, saying she has gotten over his elimination and will keep on going for Cody. During the challenge, Sierra was quickly shot and was out. Sierra was shocked along with everyone else about Gwen and Duncan kissing in the confessional. Sierra was told by Heather to vote off Gwen.

In Foul Play In the Funhouse, Sierra was telling Courtney that she would be okay, since Sierra has gotten over Cody's elimination, Courtney could get over her break-up with Duncan. Sierra said in the confessional that her readers said that the challenge was going to probably be in a funhouse, which turned out to be correct. Sierra followed Lindsay and a few others after she was found by Beth. Sierra was captured by Chef and lost the challenge. Sierra voted off Duncan for upsetting Courtney, and was shocked to see LeShawna go.

In Scareful What You Wish For!, Sierra was in the mess hall with everyone else, Sierra was cutting Duncan into a piece of paper singing "The cradle will fall and down will come DUNCAN!!", then eats Duncan's paper head. Sierra said in the confessional that what he did to Courtney was terrible. During the challenge, Sierra didn't say much, but she was searching the mansion for envelops. Sierra fought with Beth for the golden Chris alot and also fought with Justin. Sierra almost won the challenge, but Beth was able to get out of the mansion first. Sierra voted off Heather, but there was a tie-breaker and Heather won the tie-breaker challenge and Justin was voted off.

In Round & Round, Sierra was in the mess hall with all the other contestants. Sierra told Izzy to be careful, when Izzy was twirling a bowl filled with soup. During the first challenge, Sierra rode ontop of Ezekiel's head, since she was busy working on her "blog" notepad, as she told Ezekiel when he passed out and asked her what she was doing. Sierra watched everyone else try to catch the flag on the second challenge and said in the confessional that she figured out how to get the flag, cleaning the grease off the flag, which Sierra did with a hanky and was able to win the challenge. Sierra voted off Heather and was happy to see her go.

In Can You Dig It?, Sierra didn't talk much in this episode. During the challenge, Sierra's clue was "A place for unwanted things", which she was stumped over, but she lost the challenge to Izzy. Sierra went with Duncan and everyone else and voted off Courtney.

In Total Drama's Got Talent, Sierra was in the mess hall with everyone else, saying that Duncan and Courtney's past relationship was better than Duncan's new relationship with Gwen, and then went back to writing on her "laptop". During the challenge, Sierra wrote a list of things that were great about Cody, which just freaked Chris out and bored him to death. Sierra lost the challenge to Lindsay, but she didn't seem to mind much, as she said she was just excited on making it that far. Sierra helped Duncan out and voted off Harold.

In Take This Ball and Shove It, Sierra was in the mess hall, trying to make her food taste better. Sierra said in the confessional that she was so excited she made it to the final six, and she said she was going to win the money for Cody. When the lights went out in the mess hall, Sierra thought it was the boogyman coming to get her, which Beth told her that the boogyman isn't real. Sierra was excited about the challenge, along with Izzy, saying she was a fourth generation minigolf player. During the challenge, Sierra's ball landed in the water, which she yelled at it saying for it to get out of the water, Sierra was able to jump in the water and hit the ball, allowing it to land in the hole and allowing her to move on to the next round. During the second challenge, Duncan and Sierra were the last two, and Chris decided to make both Sierra and Duncan the winners of the challenge. Sierra voted off Izzy, since Duncan told her to, and was upset to see her go.

In Lions, Tigers, and Money!, Sierra was in the mess hall, looking over pictures of Cody. Ezekiel asked Sierra how she was doing, but Sierra didn't acknowledge him, so Ezekiel moved on to Lindsay and Beth. Ezekiel later came back to Sierra and took the pictures, which angered Sierra and told him to give them back to her, Ezekiel said he only wanted to get her attention, Sierra kept telling him to give the pictures back, Ezekiel got tired of her saying it over and over again so he finally gave them back to her, which she sat back down and started to stare at them again. When Chris came to get the contestants, Sierra asked Chris if the thing they were supposed to catch was Cody, Chris paused for a second and told her they weren't. Chris told the contestants they were going to capture a lion with things in a tool shed. Sierra picked up a rope, before Lindsay could. Sierra said in the confessional that she was very confident to make it to the final four, and she hopes she wins the challenge. Sierra was the first to find the lion in an ice cream stand and was able to lasso the rope around his neck, but she got into a struggle for the lion with Lindsay and Ezekiel. Chris announces that Sierra was the winner of the challenge, which Sierra jumps up and down for joy in her victory. Sierra voted off Ezekiel and was sad to see him go, she was told "good luck" by Ezekiel when he was voted off.

In Total Mystery Incorporated, Sierra was sitting outside, at the same table with Duncan. Duncan was asking her who she was going to vote off, she wasn't really paying attention, as she was drawing a picture of her and Cody getting married. Sierra said she felt bad about Ezekiel, but she said she was glad he was gone though, since she found him annoying and she was mad at him for taking her Cody pictures. When a letter hit Lindsay's face, Sierra asked her what she had on her face and quickly asked if it was a letter from Cody, but it turned out it was from Chris. After hearing the challenge, Sierra was excited and quickly ran off to search for Chris and Chef. During the challenge, Sierra searched through the showers, the girl's dressing room and the boy's dressing room, when she went to the rollercoaster she saw that Beth had found Chef already. Afterwards, Sierra went go to find Chris, she went to the haunted mansion next and was able to find Chris waiting for someone to find him. Sierra and Beth were tied and had to answer a question to win the challenge, Beth answered the question right, while Sierra was the last to answer and got it wrong. Sierra voted off Lindsay and wasn't really surprised at the elimination that it was a reward challenge, since she said that after that episode, there would be three episodes, and her comments on her blog said so.

In The Good, The Bad, and Lindsay, Sierra was in the mess hall, eating Chef's food, actually thinking it was tasty this time. Sierra said in the confessional that she was so excited about being in the final four, and hopes to win the money. When a giant crane comes in the mess hall and grabs the contestants, Sierra is amazed and says she could see her house from being up so high. After hearing the challenge from Chris, Sierra immediantly runs to the haunted house, knowing it had to be there, since she found Chris there last time, but it was not. After not finding it there, Sierra runs to the girls trailer, then the boys trailer, and finally to the showers. Sierra said in the confessional she really needed to win the challenge, since she didn't completely trust Duncan. After awhile, Sierra finds out that Duncan has the key and she runs over to him and jumps on top of him to grab the key, but fails as she is captured by the crane, losing the challenge. During the ceremony, Sierra had voted for Beth and was in the final two with her, where she found out they both had to compete in a tie-breaker challenge, which was darts and Sierra managed to win and gained a spot in the final three. Sierra said she was sorry to Beth before she left.

In Water You Waiting For?, Sierra was sitting outside with the other two contestants, glaring a them. Sierra said in the confessional that she was very happy about being in the final three and wished to get to the final two, she also said she didn't understand why Duncan and Lindsay kept on fighting so much. When Chris announced the challenge, Sierra named her gun "Cody", since it's her favorite name in the world. During the challenge, Sierra got hit twice by Duncan and Lindsay, and she hit Lindsay once and Duncan once. Sierra and Duncan ambushed Lindsay, causing her to lose the challenge. Sierra began to look around for Duncan, after he fled. Sierra found Duncan in the house of mirrors, and shot him once, but he also shot her. Sierra and Duncan ran into each other again, and Duncan shot her, but she dodged it before it hit her, Sierra pulled out her gun then shot Duncan, winning the challenge. Sierra jumped up and down, elated she won. Sierra was upset to hear that she had to pick one of the two others to go with her to the final two, she whispered it to Chris and everyone went to the elimination ceremony. After Lindsay was eliminated, Sierra asked Lindsay if they could still be friends, which Lindsay happily said yes, and wished Sierra luck in the final challenge.

In Around The Park in Five Minutes, Sierra was excited to be in the final two and wished good luck to Duncan. Chris had called them out to see their supporters and to get ready for the challenge. Sierra picked Lindsay as her partner for the challenge and went to the rollercoaster to get their first flag, but also found Duncan's flag and hid it under the seat. Sierra and Lindsay found their second and third flag at the farris wheel and before getting their last flag, Lindsay fell down a trap door, leaving Sierra without a partner. Sierra got her flag, but Duncan also got his flag. During the race back to the finish line, Duncan tripped Sierra and she lost the game. Sierra was angry that Duncan got the final cotton candy and the case of the million dollars. Sierra and a few other contestants went to a bus labeled "A" and Sierra moved on to Season Three.

Season ThreeEdit

In High School, Tick Tock, Let Me Out!, Sierra didn't speak much in the episode, but she did wave at everyone. Sierra was excited about being on the same team as Lindsay. Sierra and her team lost the challenge, and had to sleep in the basement with the rats.


  • Sierra resembles Katie by skin tone.
  • Sierra was the last contestant voted off before the merge in Season One.

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