Screaming Travelers
Number of Members 10
Highest Ranking Member Gwen, 1st Place
Lowest Ranking Member Bridgette, 20th Place
Team Selected By Chris McLean

The Screaming Travelers are one of the two teams in Total Drama World Wide. It is sometimes considered the "superior" team over the Killer Adventurers. The Screaming Travelers originally consisted of Gwen, Duncan, Courtney, Heather, Bridgette, Geoff, Izzy, Cody, DJ and Sierra. As of now, the Screaming Travelers have been disbanded by Chris.

Contestants EliminatedEdit

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Rank voted off show Episode voted off Reason voted off
Bridgette Female 1st 2nd Boating in Italy She and Geoff were making out to much during the challenge, it was either her or Geoff, but everyone favored him over her.
DJ Male 2nd 4th G'Day Australia He wouldn't go in the cave during the challenge, Heather and her alliance voted him off and she convinced a few to vote him off.
Geoff Male 3rd 5th Deep Blue Sea He didn't help his team out during the challenge, Heather got her alliance to vote him off.
Sierra Female 4th 7th Robbery in Paris Sierra was too busy following Cody around to pay attention, Heather got her alliance to vote her off.
Cody Male 5th 8th Japanese HiJinks Courtney told everyone that the weaklings always get further so everyone voted him off, Cody also voted himself since he couldn't talk.
Izzy Female 6th 9th Big Ben Diving Heather had her alliance vote off Izzy.
Duncan Male 7th 10th Sweden Ya Heather got her alliance and Alejandro's alliance to vote him off.
Heather Female 8th 17th Roman Fools Heather had no immunity idols to protect her so everyone used that to vote her off.
Courtney Female 9th 18th Irish Dogs Gwen and Tyler both won the challenge and Courtney was eliminated for not winning it.
Gwen Female Winner Winner N/A Gwen was voted by most of the eliminated contestants to win the million dollars.


Original MembersEdit


  • Courtney and Heather fought with each other for leadership of the team.
  • Bridgette was the first female and contestant voted off the team.
  • DJ was the first male voted off the team.

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