Round & Round
Season 2, Episode 13
Date Played August 22, 2010
Challenge Race to the top of the hill to the merry-go-round, first to get there gets to go first on the ride and try to catch the flag that comes out.
Winner(s) Sierra
Eliminated Heather
Episode Guide
"Scareful What You Wish For!"
"TDAP Aftermath: II"

Our final nine contestants compete in a race to the top of the hill, but turns out they are doing a merry-go-round challenge afterwards. One contestant manages to figure out how to get the flag and wins the challenge. One contestant betrays their alliance and votes someone off. Someone is finally voted off, swearing they will get revenge.


The episode begins with everyone in the mess hall, eating Chef's famous "gourmet" soup, which almost all the contestants aren't touching. Izzy starts to twirl around a bowel, which she accedentally lets go of and hits Heather with. Courtney is still glaring at Duncan, Sierra was drawing Cody with muscles carrying Sierra, and Lindsay and Beth were talking to each other. Chris comes in and asks everyone if they didn't get to full on Chef's soup, because he has something in store for them. The first challenge Chris told everyone was a race to the top of the hill, when the race started everyone started knocking each other down, and only Izzy came out on top. Chris then showed everyone the last challenge and told everyone why he asked if they were full on Chef's cooking, they had to ride on a merry-go-round, which Harold asks to skip out on. While watching everyone else trying to get the flag, Sierra figures out how to get the flag and asks Chris to go next, but gets into a fight with Courtney, but Chris decides to pick Sierra anyway. Sierra cleaned the flag off with a hanky to get rid of the grease and she was able to win the challenge. During the ceremony, Heather and Duncan were the final two, Heather and Duncan glared at each other, but Heather had a confident look on her face, knowing she was safe from elimination, but Chris gave the final cotton candy to Duncan, angering Heather and making everyone cheer at her elimination. Ezekiel tells Heather that he never trusted her and voted her off, but Heather said she already knew. Heather said she would get revenge on everyone and got in the Cannon of Shame.


User Role
XoTulleMorXo Chris McLean
xxPinkyPandaxx Courtney
Annelisious Heather
WarriorOFTheLiGhT Duncan
Maya839 Izzy
Sunnyweather Sierra
Dakotacoons Lindsay
Sunsummer7 Harold
Reddude Ezekiel
Tdagirl563 Beth
Lee44 Chef Hatchet




Castmate Voted Off
Courtney Duncan
Heather Lindsay
Beth Heather
Lindsay Heather
Harold Heather
Duncan Heather
Izzy Heather
Ezekiel Heather
Sierra Heather

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