Pirates of Jamaica
Season 1, Episode 20
Date Played July 24, 2010
Location Jamaica, Kingston
Challenge Dig up a treasure chest and bring it back to Chris
Winner(s) Courtney and Sadie
Eliminated Alejandro
Episode Guide
"Million Dollar Cook-off"
"Taj Mahorror"


LeShawna was getting a massage in the winners cabin, while the other contestants watch Courtney argue with Tyler, since guys can't hit girl, Tyler gets Sadie fight Courtney, Courtney said in the confessional that Sadie's going down. Gwen and Tyler go to diner compartment to leave the drama. Alejandro asked LeShawna if he could talk to her, which was about voting Gwen off. Chris called everyone to come to the diner cabin, where Chris announced where they were going - Jamaica. Chris tells them the challenge is to dig up treasure and bring it pass the finish line in Kingston. Chris dropped everyone out of the plane and made them do a muscial number. Heather insults Sadie saying "Careful Sadie, you don't wanna cause an earthquake do you?", when Sadie landed. During the challenge, Courtney found the chest, but it was stolen by Sadie, which got stolen by Heather. Heather lost the chest to Alejandro. Gwen runs behind a bush and trips Alejandro, grabbing the chest. Courtney jumped on Gwen's head and stole the chest. When Sadie jumped on Courtney to grab the chest, Courtney slid with Sadie on top of her, crossing the finish line. Chris was shocked that Courtney and Sadie both won the challenge. During the ceremony, Gwen and Alejandro were the final 2, and Chris gave the final barf bag to Gwen. Alejandro was furious and asked why LeShawna, Courtney and Heather why they didn't vote Gwen off, LeShawna said that Gwen was her best friend and would never do that, while Courtney and Heather never gave an answer. Alejandro swore he would get back at LeShawna.


User Role
XoTulleMorXo Gwen/Chris McLean
xxPinkyPandaxx Courtney
Annelisious Heather
VickyTDI32 LeShawna
Dakotacoons Tyler
Reddude Sadie
Tdifan24 Alejandro
Lee44 Chef Hatchet


  • This episode is a reference of Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Tdifan24 couldn't make it so WarriorOFTheLiGhT played Alejandro this episode.
  • This is the first episode that Gwen is in the final two.



Castmate Voted Off
Gwen Alejandro
Courtney Alejandro
Heather Alejandro
LeShawna Alejandro
Alejandro Gwen
Sadie Alejandro
Tyler Alejandro

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