Team Lightning
Gender Male
Hair color Blond
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated TDHS: Theatre, Drama, and Reporters
Place TDHS: 14th
Relationship Izzy (possibly broken up), Blaineley (one-sided on Owen's)
Family Mom, Dad
Friends Izzy, Gwen, Tyler, Duncan, Beth, Katie, Geoff, Bridgette, Trent, Noah, Blaineley (possibly)
Enemies Heather, Alejandro
Fear Flying
Talent Eating
Nicknames Chuckel Muffin (Called so by Noah)
Played by Lee44

Owen (The Funny Fat Guy) was a contestant on the Total Drama series. He appears in the finale of Season One of Total Drama World Wide. Owen did not compete in Total Drama Amusement Park, and advanced to Total Drama High School. Owen was placed on Team Lightning.


Season OneEdit

In The Final Season...Maybe, Owen was sitting on the couch with Beth, Trent and Justin. Owen kept asking Chris where the food was, Owen was excited when Gwen won and picked her up and hugged her. Owen didn't make it to Season Two but is still very happy that he will be a commentator for Season Two.

Season TwoEdit

In TDAP Aftermath: I, Owen was asking Geoff where the food was. Owen was also arguing with Alejandro when he started to call Izzy crazy. Owen then started to crush Alejandro with a hug, but Alejandro knocked him out when he hit one of Owen's pressure points. When Owen woke up, he enjoyed watching the "Thats Gonna Leave A Mark" segment. Then Owen asked Bridgette where there was more food Katie gave him a box of pizza satisfying his hunger.

In TDAP Aftermath: II, Owen didn't talk much in the episode. Owen said that Blaineley was beautiful when she came on the aftermath. After seeing Noah on the monitor at the aftermath, Owen thought he was trapped in there and broke the monitor. Owen kept annoying Noah, even though he wasn't trying to, so Noah gave him candy.

In Around The Park in Five Minutes, Owen was rooting for Duncan to win and constantly looked around for food. Owen flirted with Izzy a few times and was shocked to see Blaineley arrive to the park. Owen cheered for Sierra when she won and was told to get on "bus A". Chris later announced that Owen and a few others have made it to season three. Owen used the confessional in the school looking for food, after not finding it in the confessional Owen says "Nope, not here either".

Season ThreeEdit

In High School, Tick Tock, Let Me Out!, Owen is excited to be returning for another season, he was worried for Ezekiel when he showed up in a full body cast, but was shocked when he found out he was faking. Owen was later put on Team Lightning but was upset because both Noah and Izzy were on different teams. Owen liked LeShawnas idea for their teams float and helped his team build it. His team then got second place making them safe from elimination, however since Chris said this was an non elimination challenge, no one was sent home.


  • Owen has been a fan favorite.

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