This page is focused on the new conflict between Lindsay and Duncan. The conflict started in Season Two.

Episodes ForEdit

Season TwoEdit

In Total Drama's Got Talent, Duncan and Lindsay's conflict began to heat up, when Lindsay thought Duncan would vote off Ezekiel, but instead voted off Harold, which made Lindsay very angry.

In Take This Ball and Shove It, Lindsay was glaring at Duncan in the mess hall, which Duncan was irritated by, since he said he never said he would vote off Ezekiel with Lindsay, Duncan called Lindsay an idiot and to get a life, which only angered Lindsay more. During the challenge, Lindsay constantly "booed" Duncan everytime he was about to hit, and Lindsay was disgusted when Duncan won the challenge.

In Lions, Tigers, and Money!, Lindsay asked Duncan if she could have his item from the tool shed, and Duncan told her to find her own, leaving Lindsay feeling insulted and irritated.

In Water You Waiting For?, Lindsay said she hated Duncan constantly to Chef, and Duncan said he didn't want Lindsay to win at all, since she would just pick Sierra. When Duncan advanced to the final two, Lindsay cursed at Duncan, Duncan gave her the finger.

In Around The Park in Five Minutes, Lindsay cheered for Sierra and booed Duncan every chance she got. Lindsay was picked as Sierra's partner and she tried to mess up Duncan and Gwen during the challenge. Lindsay was glad that Sierra won and Duncan lost.

Season ThreeEdit

In High School, Tick Tock, Let Me Out!, Duncan called Lindsay "dumb blonde" a few times and said to Chris not to put him on her team or else he'll be gone in a heartbeat.

Episodes AgainstEdit

Season TwoEdit

In Total Drama's Got Talent, Lindsay thought Duncan's talent was cute, since he carved Gwen's head in a piece of wood.

In Lions, Tigers, and Money!, Lindsay hugged Duncan when he voted off Ezekiel.