Killer Adventurers
Killer Clowns
Team Tornado
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Episode Eliminated TDWW: Welcome to Hollywood!
TDAP: Water You Waiting For?
TDHS: Don't Track On Me
Place TDWW: 9th
TDAP: 3rd
TDHS: 13th
Relationship Tyler
Family Mother, Father, Sister
Friends Tyler, Chris McLean, Alejandro, LeShawna, Gwen, Beth, Ezekiel
Enemies Heather, Katie, Cody, Courtney, Noah, Sadie, Duncan
Fear Cockroaches, Bad hair cuts (conquered), Walking through a mine field in high heels
Talent French, Modeling, Getting names wrong, Cheering, Gymnastics
Nicknames Lindsiot (as called by Heather), Sexsay (called by Chris)
Played by Dakotacoons

Lindsay (The Beautiful Dumb Blonde) was a contestant on Total Drama World Wide. She is placed on the Killer Adventurers, but the teams were merged in Japanese HiJinks. She was voted off in Welcome to Hollywood!, also breaking up with Tyler in the episode. Lindsay moved on to Total Drama Amusement Park. Lindsay was placed on the Killer Clowns as the team captain, but the teams were merged in Lazer Losers! Lindsay made it to the final three and was voted off in Water You Waiting For? Lindsay advanced to Total Drama High School. Lindsay was placed on Team Tornado.


Season OneEdit

In The Big Apple - Part 1, Lindsay got off the bus after Tyler, she quickly fell for the charms of Alejandro, Tyler tries to make Lindsay notice him, but she calls him Tyson. Lindsay climbed halfway to the top of the Statue of Liberty, but lost the challenge when Courtney won.

In The Big Apple - Part 2, Lindsay still dosen't remember Tyler, she is to distracted by Alejandro. Her team crosses the finish line first, but since Ezekiel wasen't with the team, the Screaming Travelers won. Lindsay voted Ezekiel off.

In Boating in Italy, Lindsay didn't talk much or do much. But her team won the challenge.

In Yukon Do Better Than That!, Lindsay began to remember who Tyler is, but he is constantly upstaged by Alejandro. When Lindsay states that she likes Tyler, he begins to try in the challenge, but they still lost. Lindsay voted for Sadie.

In G'Day Australia, Lindsay was hoping the challenge would be a reward challenge, and also hoping the reward would be shoes. During the challenge, after LeShawna tripped on something, Lindsay picked up the red gem, but had no clue what it was. Lindsay and her team got on a mine car and rode it halfway out of the cave. Courtney jumped on the mine car and stole the gem and jumped off. Sadie jumped off and tackled Courtney, Gwen then grabbed the gem and ran. Sadie got the gem back, and Tyler stole it from her and gave it to Lindsay, to make Lindsay notice him. Lindsay ran out of the cave and won the challenge for her team, not knowing she the gem she was holding was what they were looking for.

In El Bullio, Lindsay and her team were relaxing in the winners compartment. Lindsay got off her bull to thank Tyler for helping her in the last episode, her team lost the challenge.

In Deep Blue Sea, Lindsay wakes up, feeling sick. She then vomits on Noah. In the challenge, Lindsay finds the correct key, but decides to give the key to Tyler, who let her win the challenge the last time, winning the team the challenge.

In German Grumps, Katie is flirting with Tyler. Tyler then announces that he is with Lindsay, who challenges Katie to a fight. They fight, and are quickly broken up by Eva. Throughout the rest of the episode, Lindsay and Katie feud. Katie throws the challenge, causing the team to lose. Lindsay is in the final two. She voted for Katie.

In Amazon Drama, Lindsay confused Sadie with Katie, but then she was corrected by Eva. Her team had the advantage, because Alejandro took a wheelbarrow from the plane, and the Screaming Travelers were captured by natives, but their wheelbarrow hit a rock and fell apart. Lindsay, along with LeShawna and Tyler, went with Alejandro down his path. Lindsay's team were the first to make it in the plane, but Eva, Noah and Sadie weren't with the team, so the Screaming Travelers won.

In Robbery in Paris, Lindsay reveals that she can speak french. When the team lands, she asks the security guard in french to give her the key to the painting. He does so, giving her the code. She takes the painting, but Duncan does as well. Noah kicks Duncan and she runs off with the painting, but Gwen grabs it and runs. Sadie jumps on Gwen and takes it, but then Courtney takes it. Courtney gives it to Heather who was further ahead, but Lindsay grabs it from Heather and runs out outside and gives it to Chris. She is then chosen by the Screaming Travelers to go to Chris's conpartment with him.

In Japanese HiJinks, Lindsay is nervous about being eliminated. After she gives her joke, sucking up to Chris and Chef, she recieves a 6 out of 10. She then votes for Courtney to win immunity. She then votes for Heather to be eliminated.

In Big Ben Diving, Lindsay was sitting with the other contestants in the commercial compartment, except Courtney. During the challenge, Lindsay dropped out of the challenge, because she was scared of bungie jumping, which means she lost the challenge. Lindsay voted off Heather, but Heather had an immunity idol so she was safe from elimination. Lindsay hugged Izzy when she was eliminated.


Lindsay hugs Tyler in Russia.

In Sweden Ya, Lindsay was having trouble remembering Tyler's name again, and Lindsay was also insulted by Heather, but was defended by Gwen. Lindsay didn't get the whole point of the challenge, and lost because of it. She voted off Duncan, which made her an enemy for eliminating Duncan.

In Russia Can Be Murder, Lindsay was getting insulted by Courtney for eliminating Duncan, which all the insults made Lindsay cry, she was comforted by alot of the contestants. During the challenge, Lindsay's costume was called "Ms. Americana", which make sparkles when she pressed a button, she lost the challenge, because Chris said he could get sued if those sparkles caught someone on fire. Lindsay voted off Heather, but since Heather used her immunity idol she was safe. Lindsay also used her immunity idol.

In Welcome to Hollywood!, Lindsay was sitting with the other contestants in the commercial cabin, except Gwen, Courtney and LeShawna. Lindsay and Sadie were having a girl talk. During the challenge, Lindsay's movie was about herself, but she didn't work it very well. She was happy that Tyler made his movie about her and her beauty, but after Noah told her that Tyler's breaking up with her, which wasen't true. She started to cry, also making it worse when Heather's movie was about Lindsay and how ugly she is. Heather won the challenge. Lindsay voted off Heather, even though she had invincibility. During the final two, Lindsay and Sadie were the last ones, and Chris gave the final barf bag to Sadie, Sadie cried when Lindsay was eliminated and Tyler told Lindsay that's what Noah's plan was, but Lindsay didn't believe him and said "It's over, Tyler" and jumped out of the plane.

In The Aftermath: 2, Lindsay was sitting next to Eva. During Lindsay's interview, she said she found out the truth about her break up with Tyler, it was Noah who lied to them both. So Lindsay wrote a love letter to Tyler, hoping he would forgive her and get back together. Lindsay was happy when Noah left the aftermath.

In The Aftermath: 3, Lindsay asked if she could be interviewed, even though she was already interviewed. Lindsay said she was hoping Tyler would win, along with Sadie, which both of them started a Team Tyler club.

In The Final Season...Maybe, Lindsay jumped for joy when Tyler landed in the aftermath and gave him a hug. Lindsay voted for Tyler to win, and she was upset that he didn't win, when Chris told everyone Gwen won. Lindsay was excited about being in Season Two when Chris dropped them in the amusement park.

Season TwoEdit


Lindsay doesn't want that shade of lipstick in the confessional.

In 18 Flags, Lindsay was excited about being in Season Two, especially being with Tyler again. Lindsay said she wanted to go further than before and said she might wanna start an alliance with someone, which the first one was Tyler. During the challenge, Lindsay did really good, until Courtney pushed her off the rollercoaster, and Lindsay pulled her along with her, which Courtney told her to watch her back. Lindsay was made as team captain, when Noah didn't want it.

In Duncan Tank, Lindsay was with the girls in the girls dressing room. During the challenge, Lindsay fell in the dunk tank and was confused with the challenge, thinking you were supposed to go in the dunk tank, which she got yelled at by Eva and made her cry. Lindsay asked a few to vote off Eva, after that Eva was voted off.

In I Keep On Loggin' You, Lindsay was in the girls dressing room, asking Beth if she could have a friendship bracelet, when Beth was handing some out, which Beth gladly gave to her. During the challenge, Lindsay lead her team down the right path, which was the most dangerous, her team lost the challenge when Courtney pushed the log passed the finish line. Lindsay voted off Ezekiel for slowing the team down.

In Ringy Dinks, Lindsay was in the girls dressing room, talking to the girls. Lindsay said in the confessional that she was really happy about being in an alliance and being with Tyler again. During the challenge, Lindsay scored a 16, which broke the bell and shocked everyone. Lindsay's team won their first challenge, after Lindsay herself and Izzy blew the points through the roof.

In Shark Attack, Lindsay was crying over Sadie quitting, and she was comforted by LeShawna and Beth. Lindsay happily took gum from Beth, when asked if she wanted some and was bitten by Izzy's pet snake. During the challenge, Lindsay got hit and fell off the board and her team lost the challenge. Lindsay voted off Izzy, but Izzy used an immunity idol. Lindsay was so upset when it was Tyler was was voted off.

In Who Wants to be a Heatheraire?, Lindsay was crying over Tyler, who was voted off. Beth and LeShawna try to cheer her up, but she was too upset. Lindsay got a call from a "restricted caller" saying she got a part in a new movie called "LIGHTS! CAMERA! LINDSAY!, which made Lindsay very happy and excited. Heather asks why Lindsay would get a part with her body looking like a hippo, after that Lindsay began to cry, but Gwen and LeShawna told Heather that she's worse than a hippo. During the challenge, Lindsay guessed 3 questions right, but her team lost. Lindsay voted off Izzy, but since Izzy changed her name to "Mysteria", Alejandro was voted off instead, since Noah and Izzy voted for him.

In Hall of Courtneys, Lindsay was eating in the mess hall with everyone else. Lindsay said in the confessional that she was sure that they would win this challenge and would try hard enough to win it. During the challenge, Lindsay and her team ran through the mirrors and laughed at the other team when they ran in a mirror. Lindsay and her team finally won a challenge and attended the ceremony for the Screaming Preformers. Lindsay was upset that Cody didn't go, but was happy when he DID go as a joke for Heather.

In Drama In The Air, Lindsay was upset, since she saw Tyler kiss Sadie in the aftermath show, Beth told her he would never do that, since he hates Sadie. Lindsay got another call from the director from the movie she was supposed to star in, but Duncan yells aloud that Justin was the caller, and fooling her about the movie, which made Lindsay even more sad. During the challenge, Lindsay pushed Justin off the ferris wheel, since she was mad about the movie role she was supposed to be in, and she made it into the pool, but her team lost the challenge. Lindsay voted off Mysteria, but Mysteria changed her name for the last time and Noah was sent home instead.

In Lazer Losers!, Lindsay was in the mess hall with the others, talking to Beth. When Chris told everyone what the challenge was, Lindsay at first didn't get it, but eventually got it. During the challenge, Lindsay was the first one shot, by Izzy. Lindsay was shocked about the video of Gwen and Duncan kissing and chased after Courtney when she stormed off. Lindsay voted off Heather, but Gwen went home instead.

In Foul Play In the Funhouse, Lindsay was helping LeShawna and Beth cheer up Courtney, who is crying over her break-up with Duncan. Lindsay is bitten by Izzy's pet snake "Petey" again, when Izzy wanted to show Lindsay her pet. During the challenge, Lindsay lead a few of her friends throughout the funhouse. Lindsay found Heather and Ezekiel talking to each other and Ezekiel told Lindsay that he found out about her "plans" to eliminate him, which was a lie that Heather told him to get Ezekiel in her alliance. Lindsay was captured by Chef, but LeShawna tried to pull Lindsay out of the secret passageway to help her stay in, but LeShawna is also sucked in. Lindsay originally voted for Ezekiel, but changed her vote to Duncan, and was shocked that LeShawna was voted off.

In Scareful What You Wish For!, Lindsay was in the mess hall with everyone else, she didn't speak much in this episode. During the challenge, Lindsay ran into a ghost, and was about to be taken, but she was further away from the ghost, until Heather pushed her into the ghost, but Lindsay grabbed Heather and decided to take her with her. Beth helped Lindsay take Heather out of the challenge with her, by tickling Heather's nose. Lindsay was happy to see Beth win the challenge and Lindsay voted off Heather.

Lindsay hug

Lindsay hugging Beth when she won the challenge in Total Drama's Got Talent.

In Round & Round, Lindsay was eating Chef's food in the mess hall, although she hated it, she kept on eating it since Chef scared her. Lindsay wanted Heather to eat her food, since Chef was watching, but Heather told her not to tell her what to do. Lindsay said in the confessional that she was great a running and said she would be able to win the challenge. During the first challenge, Lindsay came in second, and was upset because she thought it was the end of the challenge, but was happy to hear that there was another challenge. Lindsay tried three times to get the flag, but failed. Lindsay voted off Heather, and was elated that Heather was finally voted off, as she and Beth jumped up and down for joy.

In Can You Dig It?, Lindsay was in the mess hall, agreeing with everyone about Courtney going home. Lindsay said she was good at digging up things, like one time she said she dug up a skeleton under her house, which was a criminal from years before and she got a medal for that. During the challenge, Lindsay thought her chest would be in the "Tunnel of Love", which turns out it was really at a food court, which made her upset over, since she couldn't figure it out. Lindsay voted off Courtney.

In Total Drama's Got Talent, Lindsay was in the mess hall with everyone else. Lindsay and Beth were talking about Duncan's new happy attitude, since Courtney was gone. During the challenge, Lindsay was very excited that it was a talent contest and called her cheerleader friends back home to come and help her out. When it was Lindsay's turn, Chris seemed to have enjoyed Lindsay in a tight skirt, as he said he enjoyed seeing her in a skirt, but he cut himself off before saying skirt. Lindsay was able to win the challenge and she voted off Ezekiel, but was upset when he wasn't voted off, instead it being Harold. Lindsay was also mad at Duncan, since she thought he would help her vote off Ezekiel, which Duncan said he was going after Harold not Ezekiel. Lindsay was upset over Duncan not helping her.

In Take This Ball and Shove It, Lindsay was with everyone else in the mess hall. Lindsay wasn't eating her food, instead glaring at Duncan, who she was still mad at for not voting off Ezekiel, which she thought he promised to do. Lindsay said in the confessional that Duncan was the real idiot, after he called her an idiot, and said that he was going home that week. When the lights went out in the mess hall, Lindsay thought it was the sun out of batteries, she was upset to hear the challenge, saying that she was terrible at minigolf and was told by her brother that she completely sucked at it. During the challenge, just like Lindsay said, she instantly lost the challenge when she got shocked by her club. Lindsay went to the mess hall to watch the challenge on TV and constantly booed Duncan everytime he was about to hit. Lindsay was very angry that Duncan won invincibility, and was a bit scared. During the ceremony, scared that she would be voted off, Lindsay used her last immunity idol, which she was spared from elimination. Lindsay was upset to see Izzy leave.

In Lions, Tigers, and Money!, Lindsay was talking with Beth about who to vote off in the mess hall. Lindsay said she was scared since she had no idols left and maybe they were plotting on getting her voted off. When Ezekiel asked how they were doing, Lindsay gave him a mean glare, which Ezekiel snapped at her and insulted her for, Lindsay said that he didn't deserve to be in the competition, which made him go overboard with insults, Lindsay made Ezekiel cry when she brought up Petey. When Chris gathered the contestants to the tool shed, Lindsay asked Chris if she could get something to trap the lion with, but Chris told her she would have to pick it out on her own. Lindsay was the last to get her item, which was a pool net, she asked Duncan if she could have his net, but he told her to find her own net. During the challenge, Lindsay was the first to see Sierra encounter the lion and tried to get Sierra to move over so she could catch it. Lindsay jumped on Sierra's head and tried to pull her down so she could win the challenge, later Chris comes over and tells everyone that since Sierra was the only one with her rope around the lion's neck, she wins. Lindsay was angry about this, but got over it quickly. Lindsay voted off Ezekiel, and during the ceremony, Lindsay and Ezekiel were the final two, Lindsay received the final cotton candy and bid farewell to Ezekiel, and also hugged Duncan and Sierra for voting off Ezekiel.

In Total Mystery Incorporated, Lindsay was sitting outside talking with Beth, she didn't say anything aloud, obviously not wanting Duncan or Sierra to hear. A letter came flying at Lindsay's face, right after she wondered where Chris was, and quickly opened it. Duncan asked her if it was her plastic surgery bill, which Lindsay angrily responded with "No!". The letter explained the challenge they had to do and Lindsay quickly got up and ran off to find Chris and Chef. Lindsay searched the kitchen first, since she said in the confessional that Chef is always in the kitchen, but was wrong as the kitchen was a ghost town. Lindsay went to the log ride next and found Beth talking to Petey, Ezekiel's pet snake, Lindsay saw the snake hissing at her and quickly left. Lindsay later went to the rollercoaster and finds everyone there, where she was told that Beth found Chef. Upset over not finding Chef, Lindsay ran off to find Chris, but later lost to Sierra. Lindsay sat back and watched the two compete in the tie-breaker, also glaring at Duncan. Lindsay was happy that Beth won. During the ceremony, Lindsay had voted off Duncan and was in the final two with him, and she was shocked that she and Duncan both received cotton candies, and was told it was only a reward challenge and Beth got to pick someone to share a lobster dinner with her, which she picked Lindsay.

In The Good, The Bad, and Lindsay, Lindsay was in the mess hall, eating and saying how good it was. Beth asked Lindsay if she really thought it was good, Lindsay said it was terrible, she just wanted to keep saying it and hoping it would get better everytime she said it. After seeing Duncan trim his finger nails, Lindsay kindly offered him her nail file, Duncan didn't take, instead asking if it was covered with acid, Lindsay got offended by that and took back her offer. When a giant crane comes in the mess hall and grabs the contestants, Lindsay enjoyed the ride and thought it as if they were flying through the air. After hearing the challenge Chris explained, Lindsay took off and looked in the mirror house, but didn't find the key. Lindsay ran into the crane and took off running and found Beth, but didn't warn her about the crane, who got captured by it, leaving Lindsay feeling guilty. Lindsay went passed the confessional and was suddenly pushed in by Duncan and locked in, Lindsay was captured by the crane soon after. Lindsay rooted for Sierra to win invincibility after Duncan "cheated". Lindsay was angry that Duncan won the challenge and she voted off Sierra. Lindsay was shocked at the tie-breaker and was completely upset over Beth's elimination.

In Water You Waiting For?, Lindsay was sitting outside with the other two contestants, glaring. Lindsay said she was really excited to have been able to make it that far, she said she was also scared about not winning the challenge or Duncan winning the challenge, since Duncan would of course choose Sierra, she said if Sierra won the challenge, then Sierra would probably pick her. When Chris came to announce what the challenge was, Lindsay interrupted him saying "Hi Chris!". Chris stopped talking and then resumed telling them the challenge - a water balloon fight. Duncan shot Lindsay with a water balloon before the challenge started, which made her angry. During the challenge, Lindsay shot Duncan twice and Sierra only once, Lindsay began walking around the park when she was ambushed by Duncan and Sierra, losing the challenge. Lindsay went to the mess hall and talked to Chef about how Duncan was such a jerk, and how he got so far for cheating on Courtney before. Lindsay was glad that Sierra won the challenge. During the ceremony, Sierra whispered to Chris who she wanted to take with her, which was Duncan. Lindsay was about to take the Cannon of Shame, when she wished good luck to Sierra and cursed Duncan. After Lindsay was lauched, she yelled "Beat him!" to Sierra.

In Around The Park in Five Minutes, Lindsay supported Sierra, since she hated Duncan. Tyler sat on Duncan's side, which made Lindsay angry, since she didn't want Duncan to have any supporters, and threatened to break up with him if he didn't support Sierra. Lindsay and Blaineley constantly fought during the episode. Lindsay was chosen as Sierra's partner in the challenge and helped Sierra captured four flags. Lindsay and Sierra went to the funhouse, where Lindsay fell down a trap door, now seperated from Sierra. Lindsay later climbed out and went to the finish line to wait for Sierra and Duncan. Lindsay had thought about trying to rig the challenge so Sierra could win, and so Duncan could lose. When Sierra won, Lindsay cheered and gavge an evil look at Duncan, mocking his loss. Lindsay also made it to seaoson three, along with her boyfriend Tyler.

Season ThreeEdit

In High School, Tick Tock, Let Me Out!, Lindsay was happy to be back for another season, and to be back with Tyler and Beth. During the teams pairings, Lindsay was placed on Team Tornado, along with her two best friends, Beth and Sierra, but not Tyler which upset both of them. During the challenge, Lindsay and her team built a float of the history of Total Drama, showing the first season and showing a model of Gwen winning and season two with Sierra winning, but their team lost the challenge and came in last place, but luckily it was a non-elimination challenge.


  • In Robbery in Paris, it is revealed Lindsay knows french.
  • Lindsay has trouble remembering most of the contestants names.
  • Lindsay is the prettiest contestant on the show.
  • Lindsay was one of the two contestants to ever be named "Team Captain", on their own respective teams.
  • Lindsay was the last contestant on her team in Season Two.

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