Lazer Losers!
Season 2, Episode 10
Date Played August 6, 2010
Challenge Play a game of lazer tag in the amusement park
Winner(s) Izzy
Eliminated Gwen
Episode Guide
"Drama In The Air"
"Foul Play In the Funhouse"

The final eleven are looking more serious then ever. One former contestant returns to the competition, leaving two contestants trying to get that person in their alliances. One person manages to win the lazer tag challenge, and a cheater kisses someone that makes the cheater's girlfriend swear revenge on the two. One contestant is voted off for revenge for kissing someone's boyfriend.


The episode begins with everyone in the mess hall. Justin was trying to tell Courtney that Duncan was cheating on her, but Courtney didn't believe him, since Justin lies alot, as LeShawna said. Beth and Lindsay were talking to each other, and Gwen went with Duncan, when he asked her if he could talk to her. Chris came in and announces the challenge was lazer tag and the last one standing wins, and announces that Ezekiel is back. During the challenge, Izzy was able to get just about everyone, winning the challenge for herself. Before everyone voted, Chris showed everyone a secret confessional that was shot earlier. It showed Gwen and Duncan talking about Courtney, Duncan thought she was getting too bossy and winning obsessed, Gwen asks him if it's over between them, and Duncan tells her it might be since he has his eyes on someone else, Gwen. Gwen was shocked when Duncan hinted he liked he and then Duncan proved he liked her by kissing her. An angry Courtney called Duncan a two timer and stormed off. During the ceremony, Gwen and Heather were the final two, and Heather recieved the final cotton candy, Heather called Gwen a loser and told her to go get in the cannon, and LeShawna backed her up by telling her to shut up. Duncan apologized to Gwen, which she accepted and got in the Cannon of Shame.


User Role
XoTulleMorXo Gwen/Chris McLean
xxPinkyPandaxx Courtney
Annelisious Heather
WarriorOFTheLiGhT Duncan
Maya839 Izzy
Sunnyweather Sierra
VickyTDI32 LeShawna
Dakotacoons Lindsay
Sunsummer7 Harold
Reddude Ezekiel
Tdagirl563 Beth
TDWTLover Justin
Lee44 Chef Hatchet


  • This episode is the first start of the merge.
  • Duncan and Courtney break up in this episode, while Duncan kisses Gwen.
  • Ezekiel returns in this episode.



Castmate Voted Off
Gwen Gwen
Courtney Gwen
Duncan Harold
Heather Gwen
LeShawna Heather
Lindsay Heather
Justin Heather
Izzy Lindsay
Beth Gwen
Harold Gwen
Ezekiel Gwen
Sierra Gwen

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