Irish Dogs
Season 1, Episode 24
Date Played July 26, 2010
Location Ireland
Challenge Catch a leprechaun
Winner(s) Gwen and Tyler
Eliminated Courtney
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"Roman Fools"
"The Aftermath: 3"



Courtney is eliminated and pushed out by Chris.

Courtney was sitting in the winners cabin, drinking a smoothie and listening to Gwen and Tyler in the commercial cabin, about teaming up to get her voted off. Tyler suggests that he and Gwen work together to take down Courtney, Gwen says it would be a good idea. Courtney yells out "I heard that!", which Tyler turned wide eyed, while Gwen wasn't scared. Chris called everyone to the diner cabin, in a bad irish accent, Gwen asks him why he's speaking in that horrible accent, and Chris says they are going to Ireland. Tyler mimics Sadie's "EEEEEEE", which Courtney called him a "little girl" for. Chris also announces that they will have to catch a leprechaun, Chef says in the confessional that he needs some gold, since Chris doesn't pay him enough or ever. During the challenge, Courtney loses track of the leprechaun and Gwen gets out rainbow candies from the first class cabin, tricking the leprechaun into eating them. Both Gwen and Tyler grab the leprechaun and argue for a few minutes, but then thought of an idea of both of them taking it to Chris so Courtney will lose. Their plan worked as they both won the challenge and made it into the finals. Courtney then ran into the plane and saw that they both won, Chris tells Courtney that it's time for her to go and gives her a parachute, which Courtney screams at Chris for. Courtney got out her PDA and told Chris she would drop a lawsuit on the show bigger than his plastic surgery bill, offended by this, Chris angrily pushes her out of the plane.


User Role
XoTulleMorXo Gwen/Chris McLean
xxPinkyPandaxx Courtney
Dakotacoons Tyler
Lee44 Chef Hatchet


  • This is the first elimination episode where voting wasn't needed.


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