Screaming Travelers
Screaming Performers
Team Rapid
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated TDWW: Roman Fools
TDAP: Round & Round
TDHS: Winner
Place TDWW: 4th
TDAP: 9th
TDHS: 1st
Relationship Alejandro (One-sided on Alejandro's)
Family Father, Mother, Brother
Friends Harold, Gwen
Enemies Everyone but her friends
Fear Sumo wrestlers
Talent Manipulation.
Nicknames Evil cow (called by Gwen), Toothpick (called by LeShawna)
Played by XoTulleMorXo

Heather (The Queen Bee) was a contestant on Total Drama World Wide. She was placed on the Screaming Travelers, but the teams were merged in Japanese HiJinks. She was voted off in Roman Fools. Heather moved on to Total Drama Amusement Park. Heather was placed on the Screaming Performers, but the teams were merged in Lazer Losers!. Heather was voted off in Round & Round. Heather advanced to Total Drama High School. Heather was placed on Team Rapid, along with her worst enemy, only to resolve the conflict later.


Season OneEdit

In The Big Apple - Part 1, Heather still continues her evil strategies and her conflict with Gwen. She calls Alejandro a window, since she can see right through him. She is placed on the Screaming Travelers, and they manage to win the challenge.

In The Big Apple - Part 2, Heather fell behind during the bike challenge, but her team won after Gwen, Courtney and Duncan crossed the finish line, but the Killer Adventurers passed it first, but since Ezekiel wasen't with them, they won.

In Boating in Italy, Heather declared herself leader of the challenge. She managed to get very far in the race, and thought of alot of ways to slow down the Killer Adventurers' boat. Heather hit the front of the Killer Adventurers' boat with a paddle, slowing it down. Heather and her team lost, when alligator started eating the boat, curtasy of Alejandro. Heather was safe from elimination.

In Yukon Do Better Than That!, Heather and her team were enjoying the winners compartment, Courtney fought with Heather for leadership for the challenge, Courtney took control of the team, when Heather got fed up. Heather didn't speak much after that, except in confessionals. Heather and her team won.

Heather Conf

Heather in the confessional.

In G'Day Australia, Heather and her team were able to get ahold of the red gem, but it was stolen by Sadie, Heather ordered Gwen to go back after it. Heather's team lost, when Lindsay unknowingly won the challenge for the Killer Adventurers, which Heather asked how "Lindsiot" won. Heather voted off Gwen, since she hates her and she didn't chase after Sadie. But DJ was voted off instead.

In El Bullio, Heather came up with a strategy to help win the reward challenge, everyone went along with it this time since she knew what she was talking about. It all came down to Heather and Eva, Heather won when she threw a brick at Eva.

In Deep Blue Sea, Heather didn't talk very much, but she did insult a few contestants. When the contestants were falling out of the plane, Gwen spot a shark below and said they needed something big and chewy to throw in it's mouth, Heather then told Sadie to go jumped in it's mouth, angering Sadie. Heather found two keys, but was electrocuted each time. Her team lost the challenge, when Tyler found the key to the chest. During the ceremony, Heather was in the final two with Geoff, Chris gave the final barf bag to Heather.

In German Grumps, Heather's team won very quickly, after Katie gave the Killer Adventurers flag to Heather.

In Amazon Drama, Heather and her team were relaxing by the slushie bar in the winners compartment, Heather tried to get them to follow another strategy of hers, but they ignored her. Heather and her team were kidnapped by natives, but were able to escape when Cody bit through the rope. Her team didn't win, but since Eva, Noah and Sadie wasen't with the Killer Adventurers, they won.

In Robbery in Paris, Heather and her team were enjoying the winners compartment. During the challenge, Heather was able to take the painting and almost made it out, but Lindsay grabbed the painting out of her hand, which means Lindsay won the challenge for the Killer Adventurers. Heather voted for Sierra. During the ceremony, Heather and Sierra were the final two, Chris gave Heather the final barf bag. Heather said in the confessional that she will win this.

In Japanese HiJinks, Heather and her team were complaining about the commercial compartment, she was insulted by Gwen who sarcastically called her a "genius". Chris called everyone to the diner compartment, and announced they have made it to the merge, and also announces that LeShawna is back, much to Heather's disgust. Heather made it past the first challenge, but lost the vote to Courtney. During the ceremony, Heather and Cody were the final two, Chris gave the last barf bag to Heather.

In Big Ben Diving, Heather was sitting in the commercial compartment with the other contestants, minus Courtney. Chris called everyone to the diner compartment, Heather asked Chris if they could go over a volcano so she could drop Gwen in it. During the challenge, she and Alejandro jumped off, she danced on Alejandro's head. Heather lost the challenge to Eva. Knowing she was in trouble, she used her immunity idol to save herself from elimination and got her alliance to vote off Izzy.

In Sweden Ya, Heather insulted Lindsay, after Lindsay said she modeled before, by saying "Modeling for Hunchbacks", Gwen retorted for Lindsay saying "Hunchbacks worship you as their leader". Heather got attacked by LeShawna when they arrived in Sweden, after she insulted LeShawna about her weight. Heather saw Noah heading for a wishing well, which gave Heather the answer to the challenge, she pushed Noah out of the way and gave the magnifying glass to Chris, winning herself immunity. Heather got her alliance to vote off Duncan, and got Alejandro's alliance to vote him off.

In Russia Can Be Murder, Heather was sleeping in the winners compartment, she was woken up when she heard Lindsay crying. During the challenge, Heather's costume was called "French La Vou", but she lost the challenge to Gwen, Courtney and LeShawna. Heather used her second idol to save herself from elimination, she also tried to get a few to vote off Lindsay, but failed when she used her immunity idol, along with Noah.

Heather screams

Heather is caught by the ghost in Hassle in the Castle.

In Welcome to Hollywood!, Heather was complaining about the commercial cabin and she also insulted Lindsay, calling her "Lindsiot" again. After Heather said the place they were going was where freaks were, Gwen said "Welcome Home Heather". Heather said in the confessional that someone was definitly going to go, which that someone she was talking about was obviously Lindsay. During the challenge, Heather named her flim "Lindsiot" which showed an editting of Lindsay picking her nose. Heather won the challenge, since her video was different from the others. Heather got her alliance and a few contestants to vote Lindsay off.

In Hassle in the Castle, Heather was in the winners compartment, a little freaked out by the bad weather. Heather moved to the commercial cabin when she became too frightened. After Chris announced where they were going, Heather noticed Gwen was happy about the place, Heather said it's obvious that Gwen would enjoy scary things, since she's so scary she "Puts the Boogieman out of business", which Gwen glared at her for. Heather was outraged when Chris and Chef left them there at the castle, and pushed the woman who opened the door aside so she could get out of the rain. As soon as Heather got her room, she went to sleep, but was awoken when she heard someone call her name. When she left her room to see what it was, a ghost popped out and screamed at her, which Heather took off. Heather found Courtney and Tyler in the hallway, but ran passed them. Heather was captured by the ghost and thrown down a trap door, losing the challenge. Heather voted off Noah, since she heard everyone else was. Heather was in the final two with Noah, but Noah was voted off.

In Million Dollar Cook-off, Heather was sitting in the commercial cabin with the others, except Gwen. After hearing Tyler say that Lindsay forgives him and wants to get back together, she rolls her eyes. Heather insults Tyler later on calling him "Idiler". When they arrived at Camp Wawanawkwa, Heather sarcastically said that Camp Wawanawkwa was the greatest and how much she loved getting her head shaved, which Gwen and LeShawna said it was definitly the greatest moment in Total Drama history. Heather made a cake called "Cake Al La Heather" which made Chef throw up. Heather lost the challenge to LeShawna.

In Pirates of Jamaica, Heather was sitting in the commercial cabin again. Heather didn't speak much on the plane, she insulted Tyler again calling him "Idiler". During the challenge, Heather started digging everywhere and stole the chest from Sadie after stealing it from Courtney. Heather lost the chest to Alejandro and lost the challenge when Courtney and Sadie crossed the finish line with the chest. Heather voted off Alejandro for being a flirt and a possible threat for the final 5.

In Taj Mahorror, Heather was sitting in the commercial cabin. She insulted Tyler after he was sad about Lindsay not being there, and she got insulted by Gwen. Heather said in the confessional that either Courtney or LeShawna had to go. When the contestants were dropped out of the plane, Heather insulted Sadie saying "Don't land on the Taj Mahal Sadie! You don't want to destroy it!", which made Sadie cry. Heather landed on Gwen and acted like she did it by accident. During the challenge, Heather searched through a few pots and then looked through the library, but didn't find Chris, but Courtney did. Heather ran down in the tomb, after hearing Chris' voice, and threw a fit when Courtney won. Courtney told Heather that Sadie called her a "female Owen" and thus voted Sadie off.

In Borneo Revolution, Heather was sitting in the commercial cabin, again. Heather was furious about Courtney winning the challenge and insulted Tyler again when he told her to get over it. LeShawna called her a "Tight shorts witch", which Heather glared at her for. After Chris announced the challenge and dropped them off the plane, Heather got crushed by LeShawna, who fell on top of her. Heather got up and took off in the jungle which she later found the center, but she lost the challenge to Tyler. Heather voted for LeShawna and used her last immunity idol, knowing she was going to be voted off. Heather got the evil eye from everyone after LeShawna was voted off.

In Roman Fools, Heather was sitting in the commercial cabin, scared about not having any idols, which Gwen, Courtney and Tyler noticed. Heather said in the confessional that of course she's scared, everyone hates her and she has no more idols. Nonetheless, Heather was still being mean to the others. During the challenge, Heather picked a horse that came with rocks, which she complained about, since Gwen got a mace and Courtney got a flamethrower. Heather's horse gave out during the challenge and she lost. Heather voted off Tyler and she was in the final 2 with him, but she was voted off and took the Drop of Shame.

In The Aftermath: 3, Heather didn't talk much in the episode, mostly because she was sulking about being voted off. Heather said she hated both of the finalists, but was going to vote Tyler to win.

In The Final Season...Maybe, Heather glared at Gwen, when she and Tyler fell into the aftermath studio. Heather said she hopes Tyler will win aloud so Gwen could hear her. After voting Tyler, and Chris read her vote seeing her signature, she stuck her tongue out at Gwen. Heather demanded a recount when Gwen won TDWW, but was shush by Chris. Heather was glad she was in Season Two, as she could have another chance on insulting Gwen.

Season TwoEdit


Heather about to throw up on the rollercoaster in 18 Flags.

In 18 Flags, Heather waved when she was introduced by Chris. Heather called Lindsay "Lindsiot" once again, and Gwen tells her to be nice for once, but then says it would be like telling a horse to stand on it's back legs, Heather tells her to stay out of it and the two glare at each other. Heather said in the confessional that the mess hall was no different than from a dump. During the challenge, Heather was trying to get everyone to throw up by telling them really nasty ER stories, but ends up throwing up herself when they go through a loop. Heather was placed on the Screaming Performers, much to her disgust that Gwen was the team captain.

In Duncan Tank, Heather didn't say much in the beginning, but talked more later on. Heather insulted Gwen saying "Gwen you look beautiful today, but you need to do something about all that ugly around you", which Gwen said "I'm not afraid to use these combat boots!". Heather and Gwen glare at each other throughout the episode. Heather asked Chris if she could dunk Gwen in the tank. Heather helped the team get further, when she dunked a Killer Clown. Heather's team won the first challenge.

In I Keep On Loggin' You, Heather was in the girls dressing room, banging on the wall to shut up the guys. Heather said in the confessional asking why they're making so much noise. Gwen told Heather to kept it down and Heather told to to stay out of it and go back to sleep. At the mess hall, Alejandro tried to flirt with Heather, but Heather told him to go away. During the challenge, Heather protested with Gwen about the direction they should take and told Harold to be quiet when he was talking about water currents. Heather and her team won the challenge, when Courtney got behind the log and pushed it past the finish line.

In Ringy Dinks, Heather was putting on makeup in the girls dressing room, listening to the other girls talking. Heather said in the confessional that she needed an alliance. Heather told Gwen to watch out because if they lost she's going home, Gwen retorted with reminding Heather about her combat boots. During the challenge, Heather scored an 8, mostly she summoned out of her rage when Alejandro flirted with her again. Heather and her team lost their first challenge and Heather did as she said and voted off Gwen, but Gwen was safe and Heather was in the fial two with Cody, obviously knowing he was going home, but Sadie came in and asked Chris if she could quit, which he allowed her to.

In Shark Attack, Heather was in the girls dressing room, very quiet. Heather said in the confessional that she needed to start back up her alliance to keep her in the game, she decided to get Sierra into rejoining. Heather was eventually able to get Sierra back into her alliance. During the challenge, Heather warned Cody not to fall off or else she would have him voted off. Heather, along with Gwen, LeShawna and Sierra, won the challenge when they were able to stay on the board longer than the other team.

In Who Wants to be a Heatheraire?, Heather was in the girls dressing room, annoyed with Lindsay's crying. Heather insulted Lindsay saying she's got the body of a hippo, when she was chosen to be in a movie, Gwen and LeShawna both said that hippos look better than Heather put together. Heather ignored them and walked out of the room. Heather said in the confessional that Gwen and LeShawna will pay one day. Alejandro flirted with Heather, but she told him to get lost. During the challenge, Heather buzzed in but didn't get the answers right, but her team won the challenge anyway. During the final two for the Killer Clowns' ceremony, Heather walked in because she heard Alejandro was in the final two and wanted to watch him go home, which he did. Alejandro told her he would never forget her, but she just rolled her eyes and walked out.

Heather Conf2

Heather showing she has a better body than Lindsay in the confessional.

In Hall of Courtneys, Heather was in the mess hall, eating. Heather said in the confessional that if they lost they would vote off Cody for being annoying and useless to the team. Heather was displeased with the challenge and more displeased that Gwen was leading them, since she would rather follow Owen after he ate a big bowel of beans. During the challenge, Heather was captured by Chef, she told everyone to hurry up and get her out of the mirror during the third challenge, but her team lost. Heather voted off Cody and she was in the final two with him, the final cotton candy went to Cody, which Heather threw a fit over, but Chris was only kidding and gave Heather the final cotton candy.

In Drama In The Air, Heather was in the girls dressing room, irritated by Lindsay's crying. Heather told Lindsay to get over it and move on since she was tired of hearing her "donkey cry". Gwen told Heather to get a life instead of humilitating others. During the challenge, Heather watched LeShawna as she jumped off and landed on Noah, Heather insulted LeShawna saying "Better write Noah's obituary". Heather was able to land in the pool and helped her team win the challenge. Heather said in the confessional that now it's the merge she can take over the game since she dosen't need her team anymore.

In Lazer Losers!, Heather was sitting in the mess hall with the others. She told Justin he better watch his back, and said in the confessional that she needs to make her alliance stronger, since it is the merge. Heather was glad Ezekiel returned, since she could get him in her alliance. During the challenge, Heather got shot by Gwen, but Heather also shot her in the process. Heather took the Gwen and Duncan kissing thing at her advantage, by telling her alliance to vote off Gwen, since Courtney was of course going to try and get Gwen voted off. During the ceremony, Heather and Gwen were the final two and Chris gave the final cotton candy to Heather, Heather told Gwen she was a loser and told her to have a horrible blast off.

In Foul Play In the Funhouse, Heather was in the mess hall with the others, happy about Gwen's elimination. Heather said in the confessional that she needed to earn Ezekiel's friendship to get him in her alliance. Heather told Justin he was a whimp for thinking funhouses were scary. During the challenge, Heather mostly spent her time walking in the funhouse by herself. She ran into Ezekiel getting caught by Chef and pushed Chef down so Ezekiel could get away, Heather called that a favor. Heather ran into Ezekiel again later, and told him that she heard Lindsay and the others planning on voting him off, which hurt Ezekiel and put his trust into Heather after that and joined Heather's Alliance. Heather and Ezekiel were the last two standing and Chef gave them questions to answer, Heather won the challenge, much to the disgust of Lindsay. Heather told her alliance to vote off LeShawna and was elated that she was voted off, saying that her two worst enemies are finally gone.

In Scareful What You Wish For!, Heather was in the mess hall with everyone else. Heather said she had never felt so safe in her life since Duncan has the target on him now and thanked him for that, in the confessional. Heather was annoyed with Izzy talking about monsters on a creepy night like they had. Heather insulted Chris, when he explained that they had to find a golden Chris to win the challenge, by saying that he had to be involved in everything. During the challenge, Heather stole Justin's envelope to find the golden Chris, but she was unsuccesful as she got taken by a ghost, along with Lindsay who grabbed Heather to take with her after Heather pushed Lindsay into the ghost. Heather was angry to see Beth winning the challenge. Heather voted off Justin as strategy and just to get rid of him, but it ended up in a tie-breaker between Heather and Justin, Heather was able to win the tie-breaker and Justin was sent home.

In Round & Round, Heather was with everyone else in the mess hall, eating Chef's disgusting food. Heather asked Chef if he expected her to actually eat that food, but didn't get an answer from Chef. Heather said in the confessional that she still felt a little bit safe with Duncan still in the game and the target on his back, but she said she still felt like she would be kicked off soon. During the challenge, Heather was able to pass a few of the contestants during the race part of the challenge, but was tripped by Lindsay. During the final part of the challenge, Heather was able to grab the flag, but it slipped out of her hand and she fell off, losing the challenge. Heather was surprised that Sierra won the challenge, Heather voted off Lindsay. During the ceremony, Heather and Duncan were the final two, Heather looked confident that she was safe, since Duncan was in the final two with her, but was shocked to find out that she was voted off, Ezekiel said he voted her off and was just playing her, Heather said she knew he didn't trust her and said she was just using him for votes. Heather swore revenge on Ezekiel and the other contestants and was shot out of the Cannon of Shame.

In TDAP Aftermath: II, Heather was angry coming on the studio, and was insulted by Gwen who called her the "wicked witch", which Heather got angry and told her to shut up. Heather got annoyed with Blaineley very quickly and asked why she was even there, Blaineley told her that she was going to interview them. Heather and LeShawna were both put up to question about how they viewed each other, Heather viewed LeShawna as a "big booty, rapstar-wannabe, weave hair", which LeShawna retorted back at her saying she viewed Heather as a "no good, trashy little devil, total drama cockroach", which lead to the two getting into a fight. During her interview, Heather said that she did good this season with her ninth placing and she mocked Gwen, Tyler, Noah, Cody and LeShawna's placings, which they all glared at her for. Heather was asked by Blaineley if she thought that she would make a good contestant, which Heather didn't believe her at first, but realize she was serious and said she would make a great contestant on "Golden Oldies", which Blaineley got angry at. At the end of the aftermath, Heather was happy to see Blaineley be taken off the set and thrown into a taxi.

In Around The Park in Five Minutes, Heather came back to the park in an angry mood, wanting to hurry up and go home. When problems about Duncan and Courtney's breakup happen, Heather tells them to save it for "Dr. Phil" and to get on with the show. When Blaineley arrived at the park, Heather told Chris to lock up the exit to the park before Blaineley came in, and was insulted by Blaineley, but Heather topped her insult by calling her "Blaineliot". Heather supported Sierra, since she didn't like Duncan very much. Heather kept on telling the final two contestants to speed it up throughout the challenge. Heather was smiling when Sierra won, but she didn't cheer. Heather was glad to be back for another season, when they were told they would have to compete in season three, since she could prove herself even more and to get back at Lindsay as well.

Season ThreeEdit

In High School, Tick Tock, Let Me Out!, Heather didn't speak much in the episode. Heather mostly tried to speed up Chris to begin the challenge. Heather was placed on Team Rapid, with Gwen and Courtney once again, which made her angry. Heather and her team built a float of Chris for the challenge, and won it when he said it was the best float ever.


  • Heather is the skinniest contestant.
  • Heather has more enemies than Courtney does.
  • Heather is the most devious and cunning contestant.
  • She is the last contestant to be formaly voted off in Season One.
  • Heather has been responsible for most of the eliminations so far.
  • Heather along with Gwen, Tyler, and Courtney have been seen or metioned in every episode in Season One.
  • Heather was one of the four contestants to ever compete in a tie-breaker challenge.

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