This page is focused on the conflict between Gwen and Courtney.

Episodes ForEdit

Season OneEdit

In The Big Apple - Part 2, Courtney was mad about how Duncan and Gwen were talking to each other.

In Yukon Do Better Than That!, Courtney was thinking Gwen was stealing Duncan from her, and showed no concern when Gwen was hit by a rock.

In El Bullio, Courtney called Gwen a "boyfriend stealer".

Season TwoEdit

Greece courtney sierra gwen catfight

Courtney yelling at Gwen, after they see the video of Gwen kissing Duncan in the confessional.

In Lazer Losers!, After seeing Gwen and Duncan kissing in the confessional in a video, Courtney had everyone vote off Gwen and called her a boyfriend stealer when she was voted off.

In Around The Park in Five Minutes, Courtney glared at Gwen alot and when Gwen chose Duncan to supported, Courtney angrily shouted "Of course you would pick him!". Courtney was also angry that Duncan picked her as his partner in the challenge. When Gwen fell down a trap door in the funhouse, Courtney asked Chris if Gwen fell against something sharp, hoping she did.

Season ThreeEdit

In High School, Tick Tock, Let Me Out!, Courtney didn't seem to make a big deal about Gwen, but she was angry that she was placed on the same team as Gwen, likewise for Gwen. But, even though both couldn't switch teams, they both worked together in the challenge.

Episodes AgainstEdit

Season OneEdit

In Boating in Italy, Courtney helped Gwen out when Alejandro jumped on their boat.

In G'Day Australia, Gwen helped Courtney out when Sadie attacked Courtney for the red gem.

In Welcome to Hollywood!, Courtney showed concern for Gwen's diary, asking Gwen if she was sure Heather wouldn't steal it again.

In Hassle in the Castle, Gwen offered to help Courtney vote Heather off next chance they get and Courtney glady accepts her help.

Season ThreeEdit

In High School, Tick Tock, Let Me Out!, Gwen and Courtney worked together on the challenge.