This page is focused on the conflict between Courtney and all the other contestants.


She called him an eavesdropper in Amazon Drama, after he knew where they were going and what the challenge was.


Despite the two being friends, Courtney was angry about Bridgette and Geoff's making out in Boating in Italy.


She called him creepy in Amazon Drama.


She voted DJ off, after he didn't help the team during the challenge in G'Day Australia


She and Duncan fought in G'Day Australia, but made up by kissing. Duncan and Courtney broke up in the Season Two episode, Lazer Losers!, and Courtney constantly tried to eliminate Duncan in the next episode, and drew pictures of him getting hurt. See Courtney-Duncan Relationship.


She insulted her in The Big Apple - Part 2 calling her an animal.


She was annoyed with him and Bridgette making out, and voted him out in Boating in Italy, but Bridgette was voted off. She also voted him off in Deep Blue Sea when he didn't try during the challenge.


Courtney has a fierce conflict with Gwen, because she thinks Gwen is trying to steal Duncan from her. See Gwen-Courtney Conflict.


She has gone against Heather alot, she questioned her leadership in Boating in Italy and her strategy in El Bullio. And has called her evil.


She called LeShawna a "big butted loser" in Yukon Do Better Than That!.


She has had little interaction with Sadie, but Courtney has called her very mean and a cheater. They also fought for the red gem in G'Day Australia.


In Roman Fools, Courtney attacked Tyler alot during the challenge and vise versa.