Don't Track On Me
Season 3, Episode 9
Date Played April 2, 2011
Challenge Run twenty laps, while trying to dodge random objects being thrown at you.
Winner(s) Team Rapid
Eliminated Lindsay
Episode Guide
"Theatre, Drama, and Reporters"
"Code Failure"

The three remaining teams must compete in a twenty lap race on track course. One contestant showed their stuff and actually won, while one team lost once again, however, one contestant convinced their team to vote off one of the most popular contestants.




User Role
XxPinkyPandaxx Courtney/Chris McLean
XoTulleMorXo Heather/Gwen
WarriorOFTheLiGhT Duncan
Maya839 Izzy
MarieSymone Blaineley
Ashlyn132 Cody
Sunnyweather Sierra
VickyTDI32 LeShawna
LostDesires Lindsay/Tyler
mcspacecat Noah
Pudman91 Alejandro
MandyFan3 Chef Hatchet




Castmate Voted Off
Lindsay Blaineley
Blaineley Lindsay
Sierra Lindsay
Izzy Lindsay
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