Screaming Travelers
Screaming Performers
Team Rapid
Courtney TDA
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated TDWW: Irish Dogs
TDAP: Can You Dig It?
TDHS: Wood of a Chance
Place TDWW: 3rd
TDAP: 8th
TDHS: 5th
Relationship Duncan (broken up)
Family Mother (name unknown)
Friends DJ, Bridgette
Enemies Everyone except her friends
Fear Losing her PDA.
Talent Martial Arts, Leadership.
Nicknames Court (called by Duncan)
Played by XxPinkyPandaxx

Courtney (The Bossy Type A) was a contestant on Total Drama World Wide. She is placed on the Screaming Travelers, but the teams were merged in Japanese HiJinks. She was voted off in Irish Dogs and threatened to sue Chris. Courtney moved on to Total Drama Amusement Park. Courtney was placed on the Screaming Performers, but the teams were merged in Lazer Losers! Courtney was voted off in Can You Dig It? Courtney advanced to Total Drama High School. Courtney was placed on Team Rapid.


Season OneEdit

In The Big Apple - Part 1, Courtney got off the bus with Duncan, also asking him if he got the contract she sent to him about their relationship. Courtney is placed on the Screaming Travelers with Duncan. During the challenge, Courtney followed Noah up the stairs, since Chris didn't say anything about using the stairs, Courtney pushed Noah down and won the challenge and the bikes for the Screaming Travelers.

In The Big Apple - Part 2, Courtney lead her team throughout the challenge, but got lost. Courtney, along with Gwen and Duncan, crossed the finish line, but the Killer Adventurers already crossed it, but since Ezekiel didn't cross with his team, the Killer Adventurers lost.

In Boating in Italy, Courtney and her team were enjoying the winners compartment, Courtney asked Duncan if he signed those papers yet, which she never got an answer back. Heather insulted Courtney by saying she pushes Duncan around like a buldoser. Courtney helped Gwen fight Alejandro, when he jumped on their boat. Courtney's team lost, after their boat was attacked by alligator, thanks to Alejandro. Courtney voted off Geoff, since Bridgette was her friend, but Bridgette was voted off anyway.

In Yukon Do Better Than That!, Courtney protested about the location of the challenge, but Chris ignored her. Courtney suggested huddling for warmth, because of the freezing weather. Courtney and her team found the plane first, but had to cross the ice cold river first, when Sadie threw a rock at Gwen, she fell and broke part of the ice, which gave Courtney the idea of crossing on the ice, which Courtney was the first one to enter the plane, winning the challenge for the Screaming Travelers.

In G'Day Australia, Courtney is enjoying her time with her team in the winners compartment. Courtney and Duncan lead the team, but got in a fight as which way to go, but they make up by making out. After seeing that the Killer Adventurers found the red gem and were riding in a mine car, Courtney jumped on it and grabbed the gem out of Lindsay's hands, Sadie jumps off and grabs it, but Gwen grabs it back. After a struggle, Courtney and Gwen lose them, which lead to the Killer Adventurers winning. Courtney voted off DJ for not doing anything during the challenge.

In El Bullio, Courtney didn't support Heather's strategy, but went along with it. Courtney fell off the bull, after Eva threw sand in her eyes. But, Courtney's team still won, when Heather stayed on the longest.

In Deep Blue Sea, Courtney was sitting with her team at the slushie bar in the winners compartment, she asked Duncan again about the papers, but Duncan said he lost them, which angered her, but told him that her lawyers will send him another copy. Courtney found only one key during the challenge, and got electrocuted. Her team lost when Tyler found the key to unlock the chest. Courtney voted off Geoff, for not helping.

In German Grumps, Courtney discussed her strategy for winning this challenge with her team, which they all went along with. When they landed, Courtney dashed in the Reichstag, but came back out after hearing Katie gave the flag to Heather, which meant Courtney's team won.

In Amazon Drama, Courtney and her relax in the winners compartment, Courtney gets suspecious when Alejandro knew what the challenge was and where they were going, in the confessional Courtney said he was obviously eavesdropping on Chris and Chef. Courtney's team were in the lead, until they got captured by natives. Cody managed to get them out by bitting the rope, but only Izzy was able to get into the plane after Alejandro did. Chris announced since Eva, Noah and Sadie wasn't with the team, the Screaming Travelers won.

In Robbery in Paris, Courtney is enjoying slushies with her team in the winners compartment. During the challenge, Courtney jumps over one of the guards and pushes Alejandro down and he is captured by a guard, Courtney and her team lost, when Lindsay got the painting, Courtney voted Lindsay to go with Chris to his compartment. Courtney voted out Sierra. Courtney was safe from elimination

In Japanese HiJinks, Courtney vows that the Screaming Travelers will never sit in the commercial compartment again. During the challenge, Courtney's joke was about Harold, saying he thinks homie is a case of homicide, she scored a 9/10. Courtney won the challenge out of a vote, and she was safe from elimination. Courtney voted out Cody, since she believes that the weaklings always get far.

In Big Ben Diving, Courtney was enjoying the winners compartment, she said it's lonely by herself, but she still loves it. When the contestants were dropped out of the plane onto Big Ben, Courtney landed on Duncan. During the challenge, Courtney got to go first, since she won the challenge before, she did flips and back flips, but lost the challenge to Eva. Courtney voted off Heather, but Heather was safe after using her immunity idol.

In Sweden Ya, Courtney was sitting in the commercial compartment, complaining that she should have won the challenge. Courtney asked Duncan if had gotten the papers to be in a relationship with her yet, he responded with a no. During the challenge, Courtney didn't figure out the first clue, but figured out the second clue, but was beaten by Heather. Courtney voted off Noah, but Duncan was eliminated instead, which Courtney threw a complete tantrum.

In Russia Can Be Murder, Courtney was yelling at Lindsay after hearing Lindsay voted off Duncan, which made Lindsay cry. Everyone in the confessionals thought about voting Courtney off. During the challenge, Courtney's costume was called "The Elegant Eagle", which won her the challenge, along with Gwen and LeShawna. Courtney voted Eva off for being a threat, as she said.


Courtney gladly accepts Gwen's help for voting off Heather in Hassle in the Castle.

In Welcome to Hollywood!, Courtney was relaxing in the winners cabin with Gwen and LeShawna. Courtney asked Gwen if she was scared if Heather got ahold of her diary again, but she said no. When Sadie knocked on their door and asked for some good food, Courtney was about to slam the door in her face, but LeShawna stopped her and gave Sadie some bread. During the challenge, Courtney's film was called "Princess Courtney" which featured her singing "My Prince Will Be You". Noah told Courtney to tell Lindsay and Tyler both that they are breaking up with each other, but Courtney ignored him. Courtney lost the challenge, and she voted off Noah. But Lindsay was voted off.

Courtney-Gwen 03

Courtney and Gwen talking about how weird the food is in Hassle in the Castle.

In Hassle in the Castle, Courtney was sitting in the commercial cabin with everyone else, except Heather. Courtney told Gwen, when she asked if Chef knew what he was doing, said that Chef can't fly the plane, which Chef heard. When everyone arrived at the castle, Chris and Chef took off on the plane leaving everyone there. After meeting the creepy woman and going inside, Courtney didn't eat the food and she got comfortable in her room, reading a book. At the middle of the night, Courtney got up and decided to look around the castle, where she saw Tyler talking to Gwen about Sadie and Alejandro disappearing, Courtney tells him they were probably just looking around and she walks off, Tyler asks her if he could come along, which she said was fine, but told him not to slow her down. Heather ran past them screaming, Tyler chased after her and Courtney kept exploring. Courtney discovered a library, which she said since Noah wasen't there he must not know about it, she discovers a book about the castle and pulls it out, which opens a secret passageway, but she dosen't go in it. When Courtney passed a door, she heard Duncan calling her, when he opened the door she was pulled in and lost the challenge, Gwen won the challenge. Courtney voted off Noah since he caused the break up of Lindsay and Tyler.

In Million Dollar Cook-off, Courtney was sitting in the commercial cabin with the other contestants, except Gwen. Courtney told Tyler it wasen't a very good idea to send Lindsay his jumpsuit, as she said it was dirty. During the challenge, Courtney made pancakes for Chris and Chef, but Courtney lost the challenge to LeShawna. Courtney thought the challenge was elimination after Chef was about to give out barf bags, and got angry at Chef when he said he was kidding.

In Pirates of Jamaica, Courtney was sitting in the commercial cabin again, with the other contestants except LeShawna. Courtney got into an argument with Tyler, since he said he couldn't hit girls, he got Sadie to hit Courtney, which made Courtney say in the confessional that Sadie's gonna get it. During the challenge, Courtney found the chest under a tree, but it got stolen by Sadie. After Gwen got ahold of it from Alejandro, Courtney jumped on her head and stole it back. When Courtney was close to the finish line, Sadie jumped on Courtney and made her slide pass the finish line, meaning both Courtney and Sadie won te challenge. Courtney voted off Alejandro, since she said he was flirting with her.

In Taj Mahorror, Courtney was sitting in the winners cabin with Sadie, Courtney warned Sadie about annoying her, and Sadie went back to watching Total Drama island reruns. Courtney got locked in the winners cabin, after Sadie got annoyed with her, but she was let out by Gwen. After Chris dropped them out of the plane, Sadie fell on Courtney, which Courtney warned her to get off or else she would pay. During the challenge, Courtney told Chris to come out or else she would call her lawyers on her PDA. Courtney looked up the Taj Mahal on her PDA and found the tomb, so Courtney went down to the tomb. Courtney looked through some of the coffins and finally found Chris, winning invinciblility. Courtney convinced everyone, except Tyler, to vote off Sadie.

In Borneo Revolution, Courtney was sitting in the winners cabin, satisfied about Sadie's eliminaion. Chris called everyone to come to the diner cabin, Tyler yelled for Courtney to come to the diner cabin, even though Courtney was right beside him. Courtney landed on the island, with Gwen and Tyler. She saw Tyler had a map and secretly followed behind him. Heather got to the center of the island first. Courtney danced in a ballet rutine and did a few flips, but Courtney lost the second challenge to Tyler. During the ceremony, Courtney voted off Heather, but since Heather used her immunity idol, LeShawna was voted off.


Courtney is eliminated in Irish Dogs.

In Roman Fools, Courtney was sitting in the commercial cabin, plotting to vote Heather off with Gwen. Courtney asked Gwen if they could throw her off the plane too. Courtney said in the confessional, "Heather's scared, since she has no idols left, which means she's unprotected". After Chris told the final 4 their challenge, Courtney thought it was a little boring. During the challenge, Courtney picked the horse in the middle, which had a flamethrower with it. Courtney and Tyler were constantly trying to knock each other off their horses. Courtney was able to cross the finish line before Tyler did. Courtney voted off Heather and finally succeded in voting her off.

In Irish Dogs, Courtney was in the winners cabin, listening what Gwen and Tyler were talking about in the commercial cabin. After hearing plans of them voting her off, she yelled "I heard that!". Chris told them the challenge was to catch a leprechaun, which Courtney said was fiction, Tyler told her to live alittle bit. During the challenge, Gwen and Tyler teamed up and both won the challenge getting the leprechaun to Chris, resulting in Courtney's elimination. Courtney swore she would drop a lawsuit bigger than Chris' plastic surgery bill.


Courtney tries to call her lawyers in the aftermath studio.

Courtney Glares!

Courtney glares at Harold after he calls her a bad sport and laughs in the finale.

In The Aftermath: 3, Courtney was sitting next to Harold, still trying to contact her lawyers in sueing Chris for her elimination. Cody told her to get over it, which she called him a geek and to stay out of it. Courtney was mad at Duncan for taking Gwen's side, which he said they were just friends, but Alejandro butted in saying that Duncan was sticking up for his girlfriend, which Courtney angrily told him to stay out of it. Courtney found out on her PDA that her lawyers were on vacation, which she threw a fit as she wasen't paying them to take vacations.

In The Final Season...Maybe, Courtney was sitting next to Harold. After Gwen and Tyler arrived in the aftermath, Courtney told Chris she is getting her lawsuit through, which Harold told him to ignore her, as she is a bad sport and started laughing, Courtney gave him a mad glare. Courtney voted Gwen to win, since she hates Tyler more than Gwen. Courtney was happy to make it to Season Two and decides to drop the lawsuit she was placing on Chris and has higher hopes on winning this season.

Season TwoEdit


Courtney complaining about having to eat Chef's food again.

In 18 Flags, Courtney smiled and waved when Chris introduced her. Courtney said in the confessional that she was mad about having to eat more of Chef's food this season. Courtney asked Chris if the rollercoaster was safe, since the amusement park was pretty run down, which Chris responded that he didn't know since all of his interns were in the hospital. Courtney lasted a long time on the rollercoaster, saying in the confessional that she was just going to knock everyone off the rollercoaster to win. Courtney pushed Lindsay off, but Lindsay took her with her, which Courtney said she was going to pay for. Courtney was placed on the Screaming Performers

In Duncan Tank, Courtney was sleeping in the girls dressing room in her bed, Beth starting sleep twirling Courtney's PDA, which Courtney woke up and saw and grabbed it from Beth. Beth said she was sorry since it's a problem she has, but Courtney told her to watch her back instead of returning her apologie. During the challenge, Gwen tried to be friends with Courtney, but Courtney brushed her off and told her that it won't work being friends with her. Duncan told Courtney to give Gwen a chance, since she's trying to be friends and told her it's not a big deal that he and Gwen are friends. Courtney dunked a Killer Clown in the tank and her team won the challenge afterwards.

In I Keep On Loggin' You, Courtney was on her PDA, trying to keep it from Beth. When Chris called everyone for breakfest in the mess hall, Courtney asked if the food was eatible, which Chef said he had no clue. Courtney asked Duncan a few questions about his faults, which Duncan just sat there. Courtney said in the confessional that one of the faults Duncan needed to fix was his speech. During the challenge, Courtney got fed up with the tam getting ahead and jumped behind the log in the water and pushed it to the finish line, winning the challenge.

In Ringy Dinks, Courtney was on her PDA looking at the results from the elimination for the Killer Clowns. During the challenge, Courtney was able to score a 10 on the strength tester and told the Killer Clowns to beat that, which unfortunatly for the Screaming Preformers they did. Courtney voted off Cody for being annoying as she said, Courtney was mad that Sadie quit, since Cody didn't go home.

In Shark Attack, Courtney was in the girls dressing room, resting her eyes as she told Lindsay when she wouldn't stop crying over Sadie. Courtney said in the confessional that their team has the advantage since they have more members than the other team, which makes everything intresting. During the challenge, Courtney was able to knock a few members of the Killer Clowns off. Courtney fell off when Noah threw a snake on her, which Courtney said was unfair. Courtney and her team won the challenge though, when Gwen, Heather, LeShawna and Sierra stayed on.

In Who Wants to be a Heatheraire?, Courtney was in the girls dressing room, looking over the TDAP fansite. Courtney said in the confessional that if they lose she will make sure Cody is gone. Courtney was glad to hear that the challenge was a quiz, since she said she knew everything about the show so far, except the episodes she wasen't in as she said. Courtney said in the confessional that they will definitly win this challenge. During the challenge, Courtney answered most of the questions right and answered the final question to win the challenge. Before leaving the mess hall, she called the other team "losers".

In Hall of Courtneys, Courtney was in the mess hall, talking with Duncan about seeing Gwen as a friend and not a "boyfriend stealer", but Courtney still didn't want to be friends with her. When Chris called everyone to the Hall of Mirrors, Courtney was mad about it being pitch black. During the challenge, Courtney didn't get captured by Chef, but was slowed down when she saw Duncan get captured by Chef. Courtney's team lost the challenge, which shocked everyone. Courtney did as she promised and voted off Cody and got Duncan to vote him off as well. Courtney was irritated when the other team came to the ceremony to gloat about their winning. Courtney was happy when Cody was voted off.

In Drama In The Air, Courtney was in the girls dressing room, looking over the Total Drama Amusement Park fansite. Courtney said she wasn't surprised that the movie role Lindsay got was fake, since she couldn't hold a line in her "empty" head. Courtney said in the confessional that since the merge was coming, she needed a way to get an alliance and fast, she already had Duncan but she needed more. Before Chris started the challenge, Courtney asked him if the structure of the faris wheel was safe, but didn't get an answer from him. During the challenge, Courtney was the first to jump off the faris wheel for her team, and landed on the diving board, painfully, she asked Chris for a do-over, irritated Chris said there were no do-overs. Courtney and her team won the challenge and all got a spot in merge.

Greece courtney sierra gwen catfight

Courtney yelling at Gwen for kissing Duncan in the confessional.

In Lazer Losers!, Courtney was in the mess hall with the other contestants, ignoring Justin who says that Duncan is cheating on her, just to make her mad, but she ignores him. Courtney was getting paranoid when Duncan asked if he could speak to Gwen. Courtney denied Gwen trying to steal him away, since Gwen has shown to not be so intrested in Duncan, and she said she actually sorta trusts Gwen now, but then corrected herself. During the challenge, Courtney was able to get Duncan out, but Izzy got Courtney from behind. After seeing the video of Gwen and Duncan kissing in the confessional that Chris showed everyone, Courtney became inraged and told Duncan to stay away from her forever and yelled at Gwen for kissing him. Courtney got everyone to vote off Gwen.

In Foul Play In the Funhouse, Courtney was in the mess hall, crying her eyes out over her break-up with Duncan. After Courtney stopped crying she started drawing pictures of Duncan falling off cliffs and getting zapped by lightning. Courtney told Duncan not to speak at all during the episode and kept reminding him to stay quiet, every time he spoke. Courtney asked Chris if she could put Duncan in the Cannon of Shame, but Chris ignored her. During the challenge, Courtney spent most of her time drawing pictures of Duncan getting hurt, she pushed Duncan into Chef so he would be out for the challenge. Courtney was caught by Chef and angrily glared at Duncan when she got in the dungeon. Courtney voted off Duncan, along with almost everyone else, and Courtney was furious over Chris' decision about letting Duncan stay and eliminating LeShawna instead. Courtney warned Duncan to watch his back, because she will destroy him.

In Scareful What You Wish For!, Courtney didn't speak much during the episode, she was writing a list of what to do to Duncan. She told Ezekiel to throw Petey on Duncan to bite him. During the challenge, Courtney fought hard for the envelops and laughed when Duncan was in pain from the poison of Petey's bites. Courtney was knocked out by an air vent paneling and was later captured by ghosts. She was okay with Beth winning the challenge. Courtney voted off Justin, since Heather told her that she would help her vote off Duncan later on if she did.

In Round & Round, Courtney was in the mess hall with everyone else, glaring at Duncan. Courtney asked why Chef even decided to be a cook, since his food is terrible, and she got an evil glare from Chef. Courtney said in the confessional that she plans to have Duncan eliminated very soon. During the challenge, Duncan passed her in the race part of the challenge and Courtney tackled him in rage. When Chris was wondering who to pick to go next on the second challenge, Courtney and Sierra fought each other to get Chris to pick one of them, and she was angry when Chris picked Sierra. Courtney was made that Sierra won the challenge, since Courtney never got a chance to play the challenge. Courtney voted off Duncan, and was glad and mad that Heather was voted off, since she wanted Duncan gone instead.

In Can You Dig It?, Courtney was in the girls dressing room, she later appeared at the mess hall with the others, she overheard them talking about voting her off, which she got angry about, and said in the confessional that Duncan will be the one going home, not her. During the challenge, Courtney's clue was "A place to refreash", which Courtney was stumped on, it didn't take very long until the challenge was over since Izzy found her chest first, Courtney was angry about it since she didn't get a chance to even look for her chest, but Chris ignored her. During the ceremony, Courtney and Duncan were the final two, Courtney was smiling since she knew he was going home, but Courtney herself was sent home, furious she told Duncan to watch his back and she was shot out of the Cannon of Shame.

In Around The Park in Five Minutes, Courtney arrived back on the amusement park, angry to see Duncan and telling Sierra she had better win. Duncan teased her about their break-up and Courtney threw a chair at him, which he wondered where she had gotten it from. Lindsay had said that Duncan was a cheater and shouldn't be in the final two, Courtney said she agreed with her, for once. When Blaineley arrived in the park, Courtney had asked who she was, since she wasn't at the aftermath when Blaineley had come. Courtney supported Sierra and constantly told her to hurry up and win. When Sierra crossed the finish line and won, Courtney clapped for her, since she knew Duncan had lost and rubbed it in his face afterwards. Courtney sat next to Heather on the bus and was happy to hear she made it to season three, since she had a shot to kick Duncan off the show.

Season ThreeEdit

In High School, Tick Tock, Let Me Out!, Courtney waved at the audience watching the show, when Chris introduced them. Courtney thought the school looked unsafe, since it's been empty for years. Courtney was angry when she was placed on the same team as Gwen, Team Rapid. Courtney constantly asked Chris if she could switch teams so she didn't have to be on the same team as Gwen, but got turned down. Courtney got irritated that Cody was also on the team saying "And Cody too? Might as well have a snail on our team!". During the challenge, Courtney and her team built a float of Chris, which won them the challenge.


  • Courtney was the first contestant to step off the bus in The Big Apple - Part 1.
  • Courtney has won a total of ten challenges, being the only contestant to have won so many.
  • Courtney was revealed to be right handed.
  • Courtney is one of the two contestants to own cell phones, in this case her PDA.
  • Courtney along with Gwen, Tyler, and Heather have been seen or mentioned in every episode in Season One.

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