• Zannabanna

    Season 4

    May 19, 2011 by Zannabanna

    Season 4 is coming soon, and it is filled with twice the drama,romance,action, and elimination. Along, with all new characters. Catch Season 4 coming soon!

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  • Jake R

    Tdifan24 may be back

    September 13, 2010 by Jake R

    Hey guys. Tdifan24 here. Anyway me and Tulle were talking in the TDWIKI IRC and I may be back in RP. She said maybe and TDWTLover likes playing Alejandro so I may not. I`m just letting you know. Don`t get hopes up though. So if I come back then Hi and it`s good to be back. Remember it`s maybe


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  • XxPinkyPandaxx
    I was given premission for this.

    As most of you expected; Season Three of this RP has now been approved and we have our characters picked for this new season. The contestants will now be taken to an old rundown high school, where they will compete in various school themed challenges. We have decided to call this Total Drama High School. We cannot give out which characters are in it, since it will be revealed in the finale of Season Two.

    I'm sure we'll all look forward to it!

    Love, XxPinkyPandaxx

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  • Reddude

    Teh Final Six!

    August 30, 2010 by Reddude

    Okay, so we have Lindsay and Beth,the gal pals, Sierra the stalker, Izzy and Duncan the criminals and outcast Ezekiel. I'm kind of scared for myself because of last season and a certain alliance. Who do you think is next on the canon of shame? Comment xD

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  • Dakotacoons

    Intern Blog

    August 4, 2010 by Dakotacoons

    Blog (1)

    Hey! Random Intern here! And I will be creating a blog stating my opinions on who is most likely to go next from each team. For my first blog, as of Hall of Courtneys, here are my predictions.

    Killer Clowns:

    1. Noah - Sorry dude, but basically everyone on your team is against you for what you did last season. So unless you use an idol, you will be gone next.

    Screaming Preformers:

    1. Heather - Sorry, but now that Cody is gone, you are the next target. People are gunning for you after what you did last season, and also for things you have said this season as well.

    Blog (2)

    1. Eliminated: Noah - Ha! I was right! Now that we are at the merge, I will do only one person.


    1. Heather - People are against you, on your own team and on the other. Sorry, b…

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  • Hero of My Destiny

    Here's my toughts on the eliminations. if you look at it all the eliminations may just might go by teams. heres how it went the first 6 went like this For The KC: Eva, Zeke, Sadie, Alejandro, Tyler then my character went next and was the first for his team but if you look at it the rest might go like this.

    SP: Cody, Gwen, Heather, LeShawna, Sierra then making this the final 8: but then the pattern could go like this and 2 people will return (Possibley DJ & Eva).

    The FInal 10: Duncan, Izzy, Courntey, Noah, Beth, Justin, Eva.

    Making DJ & Lindsay the final 2. these are my tought what do you think.

    • if heather's alliance seceded in voteting out Gwen then Heather will most likely be next.
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  • XoTulleMorXo

    Chris's Blog

    August 1, 2010 by XoTulleMorXo
    Blog (1)
    Chris McLean here, and I'll be giving the rundown on how the contestants are doing and how I think they're doing.

    Screaming Preformers
    • 8. Harold: Harold's not doing anything bad, he just needs to do something besides sit and watch the others. But on the bright side Harold's doing better than last season, dude last season was just dumb.
    • 7. Sierra: It's not just because she's creepy and Cody obessed, but sometimes Sierra's just waaaaay to involved with Cody, she hardly tries in the challenges, but since he's gone now I'm hoping to see her do something. Also, Heather's probably going to kill you since you didn't vote with your alliance.
    • 6. LeShawna: LeShawna's doing pretty good right now. Heh-heh, and also mostly about how she told off Heath…

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  • Dakotacoons

    TDWW (Your Way)

    July 28, 2010 by Dakotacoons

    Hey! Dakotacoons here. Now that TDWW is over, we are all think about Total Drama Amusement Park! Just one question. If you had 100% control of the season, how would you have liked it to go? Just comment and put your elimination order.

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  • Darkdonpatch

    Hey everyone,Dark here.And today Season One ended.Gwen won, good job User:XoTulleMorXo and let's not forget Tyler who came in second.Great job User:Dakotacoons! Now we have a new season called Total Drama Amusement park! But,here's my question,who do you think is gonna be voted off 1st,2nd, and 3rd!

    The people out:

    18th.Eva- I wouldn't say I'm surprised,you made Lindsay cried,she has total control over everyone!

    17th.Ezekiel-He can't get a break,huh? Well he was voted off for slowing his team down,you moron!

    16th.Sadie- Sadie quit, but she barely did anything,only to get Justin out! Bad plan,Sadie,bad plan.

    15th.Tyler- This is why you never vote off the person who has an IDOl in an ALLIANCE , no matter how small!

    14th.Alejandro- Now,this was a l…

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  • Dakotacoons


    July 25, 2010 by Dakotacoons

    With the Finale of Season One just around the corner, there have been many speculations of who will win the competition. Out of the final 4, (Tyler, Courtney, Heather, and Gwen) which would you like to see win? I vote Tyler.

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