Aftermath: Second Chance!
Season 3, Episode 7
Date Played March 31, 2011
Challenge Spin the wheel of fortune to gain another chance on Total Drama High School
Winner(s) Blaineley
Episode Guide
"The Amazing Race Around The School"
"Theatre, Drama, and Reporters"

Our two hosts decide to host a challenge for the non-competitors and the newly eliminated contestants to gain another shot in Season Three, however, a sneaky reporter sneaks herself in to get some gossip on the show, and accidentally wins the second chance to compete in the competition.



Justin laughs at Ezekiel when he trips on his shoes.

Bridgette and Geoff hold a challenge to determine who will return to the competition. Blaineley returns to gain stories for Celebrity Manhunt, much to the dismay of Bridgette and Geoff. As Justin spins the wheel, Eva throws her cell phone at the wheel and it pops off and hits Blaineley. Seeing this as a good idea, Geoff announced that Blaineley would get to compete in Total Drama High School now, mostly for just getting rid of her, and interns grab Blaineley and send her to the school.


User Role
XxPinkyPandaxx Bridgette/Geoff
Maya839 Eva
Ashlyn132 Trent
Tdagirl563 Beth/Harold
MarieSymone Blaineley/Katie/Sadie
Pudman91 Justin/Ezekiel
  • DJ appears, but has no lines.


  • Blaineley enters the competition in this episode.


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