18 Flags
Season 2, Episode 1
Date Played July 28, 2010
Challenge Stay the longest on the Roller Coaster without vomiting.
Winner(s) Gwen and Lindsay
Episode Guide
"The Final Season...Maybe
(Season One)"
"Duncan Tank"

The contestants are welcomed back for Season Two. Chris explains to the contestants that teams will be decided after their first challenge - Rollercoaster Mayhem.


Chris opens the episode with introducing the new season - at an abandoned amusement park. Chris introduces the contestants from last season and contestants who didn't make it last season, Beth and Justin. Chris shows them the new confessionals, which are similer to the TDA confessionals, and then shows the contestants the mess hall, where they will have to eat Chef's food again. Chris tells them that there are dressing rooms for the contestants, one for the boys and one for the girls. Cody is still trying to hit on Gwen, while Heather plots on how to get further in the game, and thinking of Justin as a possible threat. Duncan and Courtney are arguing about Gwen, Duncan asks her to be more friendly toward her, but Courtney disagrees with him on it. Harold tries to get LeShawna to notice how much "stronger" he's gotten, which leaves her confused. Sierra tries to follow Cody around without him seeing her. Chris shows the contestants their first challenge - ride a rollercoaster without throwing up. At the end of the challenge, Gwen and Noah were the winners, and Chris told them they would be the team captains, but Noah decided to give his team captain status to Lindsay. Gwen is team captain for the Screaming Performers and Lindsay is team captain for the Killer Clowns. Courtney, Duncan, Heather, Beth, LeShawna, Izzy, Cody and Harold are on Gwen's team, while Tyler, Alejandro, Eva, Ezekiel, Sierra, Sadie, Noah and Justin are on Lindsay's team.


User Role
XoTulleMorXo Gwen/Chris McLean
xxPinkyPandaxx Courtney
Annelisious Heather
WarriorOFTheLiGhT Duncan
Maya839 Izzy
TT66 Cody
Sunnyweather Sierra
VickyTDI32 LeShawna
Dakotacoons Lindsay/Tyler
Darkdonpatch Noah
Sunsummer7 Harold
Reddude Sadie/Ezekiel
Tdagirl563 Eva/Beth
Tdifan24 Alejandro
TDWTLover Justin
Lee44 Chef Hatchet


  • This is a non-elimination episode.
  • Coincidentlly, the episode is called "18 Flags" and there are 18 contestants.
  • This is the first episode that Duncan uses the confessional.


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